Grin V2.0.0 Node and Wallet Update

Hi everyone. Are there step-by-step instructions covering how to update the Grin Node and Grin Wallet to V2.0.0? I am having trouble doing this myself as I am relatively new to the space. Thank you in advance for your support.

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You will find the instruction for building Node
Grin - Build, Configuration, and Running
Regarding to wallet I’ve posted a topic asking for help.

You just replace the old file with the new file

Thank you. Is it really that simple? Do I need to rename the file or do anything in the terminal after saving down the new files for the wallet and node? I just want to make sure I am not making any critical errors. Also, so I can cross reference, could someone please provide the exact files to download if running a wallet and node on Ubuntu Linux? Thanks a ton in advance!

Unless you have an old CPU, i recommend downlioading the binaries instead of building manually:

Noob here. After I download the binaries what do I do with them?


Did you figure this out? I was able to do this correctly if you still need help.

Just got back to it. No luck yet though. How did you do it?


just run them?