How do I update my node, wallet, miner, etc?

I downloaded and built grin from github. What is the proper way to update or upgrade my software to new releases? I had pulled from github for the grin-miner update, but that ended up replacing my configurations, so I’m looking for the correct way, or a way that does not entail deletion of user settings and files.

Oddly enough, I figured this was a stupid question, and thereby easy enough to answer, yet it isn’t?

Just updated my node instance from 1.0.0 to 1.0.2. I simply changed into my installation directory, ran the usual ‘git pull origin master’ to get the new code, then rebuilt with ‘cargo build --release’. Had backed up my local data directory (wallet, chain, config) in ~/.grin just in case, but turned out not to be necessary, as all of that was left untouched.

Pulling from github shouldn’t be replacing your configuration files grin-server.toml, grin-wallet.toml as they should be in the ~/.grin/main directory. Seems you might be incorrectly changing directory into the grin directory tree pulled from github and using the copy of the configuration file from there when starting grin?