New to Grin - Newbie

Hello. I am a newbie.
I am running windows 10, 4 rx580 gpus all running good with 1.75-1.80 gps each.
I just wanna ask few questions:

  1. My miner is Grin Gold Miner 2.9 downloaded from How would I know that I am mining cuckaroo29 and cukatoo31?
  2. Where do I get the wallet?
  3. I don’t know what to upgrade to be not affected by a hard fork. I tried to download one in the bulletin in this site, and I am using windows - I don’t see any apps to run (heheh). Will somebody send me link on “how-to”.

Hope somebody here will help me before the hard fork. Thanks!

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  1. use bminer
    You are mining c29 or c31 by choosing the right file (mine_grin29.bat or mine_grin31.bat)
    For the pool I use
    Read FAQ to properly set your miner.

  2. use Niffler
    For the transactions use Hedwig

  3. you don´t have to upgrade anything. All the Grin you are mining is 2.0 and if you are going to use latest Niffler wallet it would be sinced.

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