Miner 1.0.2 - not getting rewards


I’m new to Grin, and new to mining.
I’m mining but not getting rewards, what’s I’m doing wrong?


When solo-mining, every minute, you are competing against all other GPUs on network for the reward. Your chances to win are proportional to the number of GPUs mining grin as there is only one winner every minute. As a result, your chances to win are incredibly small over short time. That is why people use pools.


Unless you have a GPU farm to solo mining, otherwise you have to use pool mining as @photon suggest.

Thanks for the feedback.
A question: my screenshots shows that I have mined something, or nothing?

Check your wallet, but it is extremely unlikely that you mined a block.

My doubt is that there is a problem of communication with my wallet.
Are you saying that from the screen and logs of the miner application there is no way to know if I mined something or not?

Probably the asked question was very complex, or very stupid.

Miner will not work unless the node has wallet connection. Your screen shows that the miner did not find any blocks in that session. Ultimately, the first response stands: if you don’t have any balance in your wallet, you have not mined any block.