My wallet keeps 0.000000 for the past hours , is that normal?

I have been mining grin for many hours, and everything seems fine. but when i use " grin wallet info", there is still no money at all, my grin server is on, anyone can tell me whether it’s normal or not? should i wait longer to see the wallet change or do something else?

You would have to find a block before you would receive a block reward. :smiley:

What software are you using to mine? Are you mining solo or to a pool? Are you mining with just your computer’s CPU? What GPS is grin-miner reporting? You’ll probably never find a block…

Thanks, you really helped me, i haven’t found a block until now. (i am mining solo, i use a rx480 gpu to mine grin with 1.8gps in linux with rocm opencl, the software is the github version grin-miner), What’s worse is that my computer’s fake 650w power supply is down due to overheat probably.