Video set up for Grin


Is there a video tutorial for mining on the testnet? Trying to get it working on my Windows X6 GTX1070 rig…

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I could make a video going from clean Win10 Pro to grin node in HyperV + miner mining, but the one windows miner there is will stop working with Testnet4 so there is little point. You should go all linux for now - grin node and mining.

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Hi photon,

If you could set up that video, that would be very sweet. I would be thankful it would help me get the gist of it. Will mainnet mining support Win10?

I’m sure there will by many miners on launch for all platforms, but I’ll see what I can do about the video.

I made a test video for testnet3 mining - all on a single windows machine in 30 minutes from scratch. I’ll make a new proper version if a new miner is released. Hope that helps.


Very nice, can’t find the getting started github page now but this should be on there.

Submitted to the r/grin subreddit:

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This is awesome, thanks for doing this photon!

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can testnet4 be mined on a raspberry pi?

If it has less than 2.2 GB of memory, then it’s limited to lean mining, which on a RPi probably takes over a minute per graph, if not several minutes, so no, in practice you cannot mine…

Thank you Photon! Do you have one for T4 as well?

There is no windows miner for T4 at this time (for cuckatoo cycle). While it is possible to pass a PCIE GPU device to a VM (in theory) IF motherboard and CPU support it, it is far easier to simply run Linux directly.

I have no ETA for T4 Windows miner update due to highly experimental nature of the new code.

So if Grin launches tomorrow: having windows = no gpu mining

Incorrect, I’ve already seen closed cuckoo miners, there will be many released with mainnet, established miner devs are not blind and have plenty of resources.