Does anybody know how to set up and solo mine to your own grin node?

I want to solo mine to my own grin node. Does anybody know how to set one up. And then mine to it?

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  • launch wallet with command grin-wallet listen
  • start node with enable_stratum_server = true param at grin-server.toml config from $HOME/.grin directory
  • launch your favorite miner with connection to stratum server address from your config (stratum_server_addr)
  • navigate to Mining section at your node to see status

Soon with nice ui :slight_smile:


Does it work for you? If yo have any question in detail (Linux setup, Node running on VPS) or smth. feel free to ask. Always good to decentralize GRIN and mining.

I think you can try with this intructions but i suppose solo mining should be more efficient with 10 miners or more.