How do i mine to my wallet?

i just finished to

  • install grin node
  • init wallet
  • set up grin-miner

However, i am not sure if i´ve setup grin-miner correctly to mine to my wallet. How do i do that? Do i have to specify as stratum server adress in grin-miner.toml ? Can i comment the login and password lines out in grin-miner.toml ?

The tutorial i read doesn´t state this….

Hope you can help.

Regards, impact79

Ok, it seems that grin-miner comes with a config to mine to the local wallet / node automatically. Please note that the default port seems to be 3416 rather than 13416.

You also have to enable the stratum server in grin-server.toml by setting “enable_stratum_server = true”.

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