Can someone update the mining tutorial please!


I came late to the party and just don’t seem to find the definitive info for the miner+wallet+server configuration. I saw a couple of people, like Vosk, posted tutorials that depend on third parties.

So far I figured oout I may have to create grin-server.toml instead of grin.toml, but somehow have not come across the correct wallet command, even though I saw it somewhere yesterday. I looked at the pinned FAQ, but the FAQ should start with the definitive URL of the current mining info.


Edit": I pasted a server.toml from github in the .grin directory, which however does not show Mining Enabled in the TUI, despite me enabling it in the .toml. Is it a case of missing sections for CPU and CUDA?

Also looks like “grin wallet listen” was the command I needed, after the init, but see next message.

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My current (first) problem seems to be as follows. I have the executables in a grin directory, as suggested in some tutorial, and I have identical grin-wallet.toml files in grin and .grin, just in case.

The wallet reports

grin wallet listen
20190117 06:30:27.055 WARN grin_wallet::controller - Starting HTTP Foreign listener API server at
20190117 06:30:27.055 WARN grin_wallet::controller - HTTP Foreign listener started.

I have no idea where that port 3415 comes from, my grin-wallet.toml is

cat .grin/grin-wallet.toml
check_node_api_http_addr = “
api_listen_interface = “”
api_listen_port = 13415

Needless to say, refuses to connect. Aha, port 3413 connected to something that needs username and password, looks like it is my plain “grin”. Again, I have no idea why that port 3413 comes up, or what the username and password should be. High time for a current tutorial!

More aha moments, apparently the .toml I found in github is not entirely adequate

grin-server.toml - missing field max_stempool_size for key server.pool_config', src/bin/

Basically, I still have not run the wallet properly, which means I could perhaps go back to the forum and solve wallet problems, but the complete mining tutorial is most welcome!

Got everything working, using the snippets from previous tutorials was misleading and just plain wrong, here is the whole process from scratch;

  1. download grin and grin-miner latest release and unpack in .grin, all future commands I ran from .grin

  2. ./grin server config to get the grin-server.toml file with working parameters except one, you have to edit it to set mining to true.

  3. start ./grin

  4. in new window, create a wallet with ./grin wallet init, and run it with ./grin wallet listen . I did not need to do anything with grin-wallet.toml

  5. in new window, edit grin-miner.toml and uncomment the Cuda or the OpenCL miner sections (I uncommented all lines in the Cuda block, but just uncommenting one or two would be enough I guess)

  6. ./grin-miner and voila, the miner will show it is connected and start mining on both CPU and GPU. Of course CPU could have been commented out or deleted from grin-miner.toml

but did your wallet listen correctly?

i also got:
WARN grin_wallet::controller - Starting HTTP Foreign listener API server at
WARN grin_wallet::controller - HTTP Foreign listener started.

in some tutorials there stand, that you should HTTP Foreign listener API Server at port 13415. but change that and forward all ports to this address - getting WARN message

here no body can say how to check if wallet can get transactions or cant