Grin-miner cannot connect

When I run grin-miner it cannot connect.
Grin miner version 0.5.0 appears:
“Connection status: can’t establish server connection to Will retry every 5 seconds
Mining status: waiting for server "
My Grin version 0.5.0 is connected. It appears:
" Current status: running”
"connected peers: 27 "

I use VM Ubuntu

Help ?

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Who can tell me which grin server IP can connect ?

You need to run grin node locally and enable stratum server by setting ‘enable_stratum_server = true’.

I have done! But it still cannot connect.

I use the command: sed -i ‘s/stratum_server_addr.*/stratum_server_addr = “”/’ grin-miner.toml

It can connect My Gin miner works. But I cannot receieve my grin coins.

I think something wrong with it.

How to use or install the following because default is c29 and want to mine C31. Cuckatoo_mean_cuda_gtx_31.cuckooplugin thank you

in my gri-server.toml I changed line

stratum_server_addr = “”


stratum_server_addr = “”