Grin miner can't establish server connection

I have a grin noded running using in the background using Dockerfile. I noticed the port 3416 is exposed in Dockerfile. But the ./grin-miner still can’t connect to I did attach to docker and find out the grin node is still running. In order for grin-miner to connect the docker grin node, what else needs to be done? I have tried to set the enable_stratum_server to true, but I can’t find it in grin-miner.toml file.

enable_stratum,_server you can find in ~/.grin/main/grin-server.toml file for mainnet and in ~/.grin/floo/grin-server.toml becase there are files for grin node server - it must working if you mining on local computer. You must start grin server by ./grin

Thanks, I looked in wrong file.