How to setup miner with rented rig

Hello I am trying to setup miner in Linux, I have rented a 100g rig farm in MRR , I point in mrr console the ip of my node and port and using the password and login I use for my server but miner doesn’t work…anyone managed to guide me what to do, totally noob but managed to run wallet and node in Linux vps lol

In grin-server.toml have you …
changed the lines

enable_stratum_server = false
enable_stratum_server = true


stratum_server_addr = ""
stratum_server_addr = ""

Do you have “grin” and “grin wallet -e listen” running? Are you specifying the correct port , 8516 ? Does report that port 8516 on the IP address of your VPS is open ?

Hello @Cryptonoob,

well first question is:

are you using a Router provided and set by an Internet company? (probably yes)
then, try this sit to see if the Port for your server is open to the Internet:
if not, you need to “Forward your Port” in your Router…

be careful tho, DO NOT forward the Port to RPC unless you have a STRONG password and know what are you doing, and DO NOT disclose the info from it, as you will loose your coins!