GrinMint - blocks found?

Hi there. Is GrinMint finding blocks on the floonet? I’ve been checking on and off over the last few days and blocks found is always zero?

They switched off of testnet so it will show zero untill mainnet is live is my guess.

After 5 minutes of mining to European server my account is not showing any hashrate or workers… what could be the problem ?

Yep I read that article. It says that the pool is issuing fake blocks with no payout but that doesn’t seem to be the case i.e. blocks are not being issued. Just wanted to make sure I was good to go when the mainnet arrives :grinning:

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Yep you’re good!

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Every 1 or 2 hours my miner goes offline and says “ job to old “. When I restart miner it’s good again. Will this get better? I’m mining to grinmintpool with grin goldminer

I will try to move away from Grinmint. At this pool a C31 hashrate numbers are greatly underestimated. My cards should give about 4.5 gps in total (andthey do at the miner’s side), but I see only 3.3-3.5 gps on the average .

I think it is not GrinMint’s fault. It’s the C31 cuda_rtx plugin that is missing solutions. I estimated that the loss is about 26% (1.25GPS effective instead of the 1.7GPS reported), which is what you are seeing too.

@tromp is aware that solutions are lost (because the 2080ti has slightly less vram), but I believe he underestimated the magnitude of the loss by looking at just 100 nonces.