Not satisfied with my reward!

I am mining few days with a single 1080 Ti 11G (Asus).
You can see my results on the screenshot.
Why there is no reward from one day (25.2.) ?
Also, the reward is pretty low, I think I should get at least 0,15 Grin per day.

Used Bminer 15.0, you can see the fidelity is fine.
So what´s wrong. Why is the reward so low & why it is skipping some days?

Must be bad karma for not donating to the Grin devs… :stuck_out_tongue:

Smaller pools have higher variance so over more time your payouts should roughly equal your current expected rate of ~.2 grin/day

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I´ll definitely donate them, but I want to see better results.
I am not a greedy bitch, don´t worry :sweat_smile:
And thanks for that positive forecast, I hope it will get better.

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Try to buy 10-20 more GPUs. :blush:

Ok, I’ve switched to Cuckatoo and looks like magic happened!
But maybe it was also that karma from donation :thinking::sunglasses:
No no, not 10-20 GPUs, but Grin ASIC would be the answer.


I do no know on what pool you are mining. I had the same problem as well. So I tried different pools. You should also try other pools it depends on your location. For me f2pool works like a charm.

For now it looks like it runs fine (I am on
But I´ll probably buy another GPU and experiment with other pools.

Glad it worked out, happy mining! :grin:

Is that Asus4 or Asus2?

Probably 4/G

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@debilnypes YAYY someone got it! HAHA

BTW I love your doggo profile photo.


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Thnks, inspired by my YT channel

debilnypes or debilny pes dedinsky svätý = holy foolish village dog :smiley:

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