How many coins have you mined for a day?

which pool do you use?
I mined 3.5 Grin per day at 1070Tix4 on grinmint

grinmint, but now on f2pool, exchange payments are really bad on grinmint…

I’ve been mining for 8 hours or so on my first ever rig built. 4 x RX 580’s via grinprominer 1.1. My average hash rate has been about 8, and I have zero Grin to my name?

dont solo mine, join a pool or you will most likely never make any grin

Babaji appreciate the response. I am somewhat new to this mining game, but I’ve a decent amount of research. I am mining via grinpro1.1 to grinmint mining pool. That would be considered mining solo?

If it is, any advice for crypto"noob" :laughing:

i have a single RTX 2070 mining C29 at 3.52 gps for 2 days. My immature balance on mwgrinpool is: 0.2212 GRIN. Is this normal?

My profit is -4 USD per year.