Mining on Macbook Pro i7 and who wanna send some test coins to my wallet

Hey guys! Just wanted to share my experience.
I’m no computer expert, but with some help from a friend with some Linux experience I been able to create a node and start mining.
I’m using a 2015 13 inch Macbook Pro, i7 with maxed out CPU(i use it to produce music).
So far, after about 24 hours at 0.06GPS, I got 213 solutions accepted and yet no blocks found.
Hope this info can help someone.

Also, is anyone willing to send over some fake testnet coins to my wallet? Would like to check receiving and sending. Not sure where to start.

Thank you all!

Hashrate (and by extension difficulty) is too high, it is unlikely you’ll get a block at 0.06gps.

I recommend you install wallet 713 (if and when available for Mac). In the meantime, if your IP is protected (VPN/VPS etc) post you normal wallet address here and someone will probably send you a few coins.

Thank you, very kind! First I’ll wait on my friend to help me make sure my IP is protected and then I’ll post my adress.

Regarding mining, do you think I’d be better off joining the MWGrinpool mining pool?


No worries. You should join the pool that you think is best for you; I usually go by smallest ping / healthy hashrate.
MWGrin will not participate at launch, check their website and pick another one for now.

That’s great info thank you again.
I may need to get more competent regarding hashrate and difficulty lingo. Any place you suggest I could start from?
I see all these numbers in the miner regarding difficulty and so on, but I don’t have the knowledge to decipher it…
I’m still happy that maybe my node helps the network confirm transactions, even if it’s a tiny piece of the puzzle.

No problem.

I would recommend joining the usual channels; lots of people on discord, go and ask questions there, someone will help. Also lots of resources to read up in the pinned messages. Here is the Grin discord invite:

Thank you, wish you a great day(or night depending where you are)!

You too buddy (night here)!

I just installed the Wallet 713 you told me about! Would you send some over to test??? THANK YOU!!!


It’s done, check your wallet.

Dude you are super kind! Thank you so much. I just tried opening everything and I’m getting some problems, may be due to overlapping floonet and mainnet?
Also can’t restore my wallet713, hope it’s for same reason.

Are flootnet and mainnet addresses for wallets / seeds going to stay the same?

IT WORKED!!! Thank you so much fun!!