Request for funding Groundskeeper @StakerVali Dec-Feb 2021/22

Hello Grin Community,

I would like to request funding for the 3 months period of December 2021 to February 2022 with a rate of 1,000€ per month. My report for previous funding report can be found here.

I have finished grincc website, and published a beta version here. I think after a few possible bug fixes and approval of Grin CC, it is ready to be published. In the next 3 months, I want to polish website and extend functionality/content based on community input. Here is a list of tasks that I want to work on.

  1. Compilation of Community Council meeting notes
  2. Management of agenda issues
  3. Publishment of grincc website
  4. Adding search functionality to grincc website
  5. Adding an On-going projects section to grincc website
  6. Maintanence and polish of grincc website (add new meeting notes, update hub links, add images/visuals etc)
  7. Carrying out other tasks given by Community Council.

Thank you for your support.


I like the design, it is intuitive and quickly makes the user go to relevant topics, e.g. it invites users to add new topis to the agenda from the homepage which is great. The logo also looks good, like two Grinners are inviting a third one to join the club/community
Maybe a task for you or for @NewJack777 , better organize the links in the Hub/Tools page of Github.
I know there are many good articles on Grin that are not listed there, I just lacked the time to look them all up. I know @mcm-mike also has some lists to good articles and documentation as do other old Grin users.
Maybe we can have something like a Press section in the hub where articles are organized historically with the good ones highlighted or in bold or some other way to pull the users to the higher quality content.


At first, I made it to look same with github repo, but I can divide hub to subsections to improve readability. I am thinking about adding a news section to give latest news from grin newsletter and a button to subscribe to promote it but a press section for long-term articles is a good idea.

The logo designed by @fluxtape from keybase, I also think that it emphasizes a connect community idea very nicely. I think curving one arm was mcmmike’s idea. If someone has any more ideas, discussion is on going in keybase#community_fund channel.

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Bump, tomorrow the Community Council will finalize their vote on extending funding for @stakerV. Untill then, any and all feedback is welcome. What do you think our groundkeeper(s) should be working on? Are you happy with our groundkeepers and if not, let us know what can be improved?

Be sure to checkout the progress report and the grincc website beta:


This funding request has been aproved after discussion in the CC meeting on Keybase on the 21st of December followed by a vote by the Community Council. Congratz @stakerV :tada: , now get to work :muscle: :wink:.


I am thankful for your approval and support. I will try to do my best for the community