Community Action and Agenda: Working with The Groundskeepers


This forum post seeks to expand on the agenda and creatives for community groundskeepers Stakervali and I (aka Jankie)

While the community continues to grow, there becomes a need to attend and maintain various project assets past, present, and future. That is where Stakervali and I come in.

As of now the Groundskeeper agenda consists of:
i. Bi-Weekly Newsletter Community updates.(A future forum post will be created to organize and facilitate new-releases)
ii. Maintaining Community meeting agenda and notes for community review
iii. Remaining available to expand on and meet work requests from the community.

While the mentioned numerals are our existing commitments, Stakervali and I are expanding on some additional initiatives that have already been suggested by the community.

Stakervali is contributing work on updating the main website through front end application pulling from github code. Since the Official grin site has been developed and maintained by OC council, but since source code of the website is stored on github, it is possible to contribute/request changes with pull requests. Based on community feedback/update requests, we will implement them and present to confirmation of OC. We will design and maintain a user friendly website for grincc via github pages service, in which users can navigate grincc documents, search previous meeting notes and more features based on community feedback.

Meanwhile, I am organizing a method of support through which exchange contacts, and community developers may have access to provide a ‘point of help’ where further assistance can be reached. In the meantime I will organize the resources necessary for this support initiative and is standing by.

What do you think of the initiatives currently in play? Are we not seeing a particularly important action that should be considered for the agenda? This task list is an open discussion and we are waiting feedback/additions from the community.

Like time, Grin moves on and while we move with it many will choose to tend the path of it's trajectory. -JankieClause 

In your original post from May, one of your theoretical task items was to “head hunt new devs.” I think this is both necessary and worthwhile use of time, especially if the only concrete items right now is newsletter and notes.

Perhaps create a "classified ad"or poster/graphic You can share amongst cryptography and dev communities

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Hey satoshocrat, I appreciate that you have been keeping an eye on developments here. I totally agree with you and I do plan on addressing developer outreach as it is indeed significant. Aside from the suggestions that you made here, I have had a thought about organizing forum content into a readable txt document so that it can be shared to a wider cryptographic audience,(request for comment etc). I may be missing something, but there seems to be excellent technical information inside these forum posts but to expect busy developers and cryptographers to wade through here to comment may not be entirely effective. I can also source devs from local tech populations due to being located near a ‘Tech-Hub’ city.(tap into local communities etc)

I think there is a lot that can be done that we haven’t tried yet, and These are my initial thoughts on ‘dev head-hunting’. Before I push forward on this I would first need to figure the tech solution we are looking for and work from there. Thanks for taking the time to stop by to bring this up. I agree, bringing in developer help will allow the project to sustain more fluidly with more ‘mechanics’ to tend. Allow me to circle back to you after I research into how this idea can be fully realized.


Great to hear, in terms of seeking developers, there is still value to a “classified ad” approach targeted to relevant blockchain/crypto communities; it would serve to stir interest, and of course, they might bring something to the table that we haven’t conceptualized yet.

As far as targeted search, perhaps a bounty for review/audit of the atomic swaps is in order. In addition, developers that can assist in the realm of “usability” would be of high value to the community, improving both user and exchange experience. (Maybe using @davidtavarez post on the matter as an idea wall). Just some thoughts. Will continue to post as I identify more


Yet another resource for bounties and targeted “developer head hunting” is the “post 5.0 wishlist”

I urge the council to support this effort as a constructive and actionable use of “groundskeeper” time,

Agreed, these are major tasks that we need developers for but also people to check RFC’s, quite a few of these items on the wish list require RFC’s. The groundskeepers can use some of their time to try to find people for these tasks. But I want to also stress that finding devs works best for people who already have them in their network. If you are well connected (e.g. @Kurt), please guide talented and motivated people to worthy projects, like Grin.

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Yea I also like the idea of advertising the wish list/grin and then (even outside) devs familiarizing themselves with the protocol and setting their target rate. I don’t think there’s any downsize to also expanding the talent pool for MW or grin in general in parallel

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I can see a ‘Call-Out’ for experienced devs on ‘targeted’ social having the potential to at minimum begin a conversation with those outside the community. Through the facilitation of the call-out post, word that the Grin project is seeking assistance will hopefully be realized.

I will begin working this Agenda item currently. Also, I am thinking that it would be beneficial for a ‘litmus’ test to be conceptualized so that we may gain a deeper understanding of those who may be brought on, so I am looking to initiate conversation with existing project developers on how a ‘litmus’ test may look in action.

Again, thank you for bringing this to attention. I will be sure to be in contact and update the community as progress is made on the action item.( Dev-Outreach)

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Awesome, just responded, just to summarize for the community… I think it’s best not to have a litmus test but make it based on the individual. Have him or her introduce himself on the forum and then have relevant parties can vet the merit.

Not everyone will be suitable for one of the items, however you never know what unique insight is out there.

I would like to see in the meeting notes of each CC meeting:

  • Top’s (list of all covered topic
  • topics we voted on (top of the meeting notes)
  • important discussion / take-aways from this meeting

Please come up with a suitable template we can use for any meeting notes.


I am working on a template suitable with jekyll. I am hoping to show it and take feedback in the next meeting.