Anouncement: Grin Community Council election - ENDED

Reorganization of the Grin Community Council

Two Community Council (CC) @hendi & @davidtavarez have decided to step down and make place for new Grinners to represent the communities interests. It is with regret that we see them leave, but we decided based on the feedback we got from the community, to use the opportunity to renew the way the CC operates. There are a few changes that I would like to mention:

  1. The Grin CC now has its discussions excluding transaction building in a public telegram group:
    Telegram: Contact @grin_CC_public

  2. The CC has gradually moved from a 4 out of 6 members being appointed by the OC, to being fully democratically chosen. To safe gourd the funds and keep the quality of representatives high, we wrote an election guidelines document which implements some additional safety measures and requirements for candidates and voting as well as provides a template for how to hold CC election in the future.
    You can read the detailed election guidelines here:

TLDR: these guidelines allow council members to be appointed or removed by any community member (democratic) but only when proper arguments are provided (technocratic) while implementing measure to secure the funds. In case of doubts, the CC can fall back on these basic principles of a) allowing motions by any community member and b) only approving motions when considered valid based on their argumentation.

Grin Community Council election - call for candidates!

This phase ends at the 7th of September. Anyone can become a CC candidate if he/she has a Trust level of 1 on the forum and a track record being a constructive and active community member. Anyone without these requirements can still become a candidate in the CC election, but they needs provide strong argumentation of why they want to be part of the CC and proof of being a active in the project to support their candidacy.
Below I will provide a short list of members that came to mind in the public discussions on the CC election. This list is just an informal list and nothing official. Anyone is invited to become a candidate in the CC election. If you want to be a candidate, please read the election guidelines and make a post following this template:.

  • Start topic title with "*CC candidate: $your_name. "
  • First provide information "I’ve been an active Grin community member for x years" and have contributed to the project in “x” way. If you do not meet the trust level 1 and active forum member requirements, explain you are not on the forum, but that your active can be verified based on their participation in xyz Grin community group)
  • provide your motivation and arguments for wanting to represent the community.*

List of (potential) candidates:

John Davies - refused
l33dan - refused
David B. - we asked, answer is pending
Trinitron - was a good option, but sticks to returning fund to OC which is not in line with what current CC and OC want
Trab - agrees to be a candidate for the election
Renzokuken - preferred to have him work on Mimblewimble Python, but I would trust him completely as CC member, now MCM-Mike wants him as representative
stakerV - Our old ground-keeper who created the CC website. I trust him completely, unfortunately less active lately though
Ceckickafa - I prefer him to focus on being only a groundkeeper so there would not be a conflict of interest or risk of losing him like David T, but he would be an option for CC member
nirg - Also known as Grinsingularity, the guy behind all the awesome Grin art and wallpapers, I trust him, he is still reading up all the time but comments less like Grumpy
Grumpy - Long term community member who lives in Taiwan, I would trust him as CC member, nowadays he does not reply much on the forum lately
Grundkurs - Also long term member, could be an option
dog - Pragmatic guy, represent the communities vision, the guy behind slatepack market
NewJack777 - Also known as Jankie, our groun-dkeeper. Reasonably knowledgeable and the type fit for governance. However, in the last funding period he/she did not complete all tasks or compensate
theGrinReaper - Very knowledgeable on Grin, long term member who reads a lot. He would be a reasonable candidate
bruges - longstanding community member, not sure if he is interested in politics
Neo-Geo - longstanding community member, mostly interested in mining.

What you can do for Grin?

The first thing you can do to help the project is to care, educate yourself and participate in the discussionand vote. The second thing you can do is to become a candidate in the CC election. Anyone can endorse a candidate with arguments and likes. Anyone can object against a candidate with arguments and by withholding likes (liking the other candidates to create a negative vote).
Ones all candidates have stepped forward, we will announce the start of an election period in which we will actively market the election in the newsletter with the final selection of CC candidates*
*candidates can be removed by not being endorse by at least 4 CC members based on valid concerns or doubt brought forward by the community, read the election guidelines for the details.

Election period

The official election start the 8th of September and ends at the 22nd of September. The election will be announced via the newsletter including all candidates who have announced themselves on the forum at that time. In this two week period as well as before, anyone can vote or object to candidates. We highly recommend any candidates to make their candidate post BEFORE THE 8TH OF SEPTEMBER so they can be included in the newsletter! Posting your candidacy earlier allows for more time to be vote on, so being late might negatively impact your candidacy.


OC spoke on that and I accept their opinion not to agree with my suggestion. I don’t insist on it after they declined.


Wouldn’t it make more sense to have an odd number of total CC members? This way you avoid having CC members being split on decisions.


We now need 4 out of 6 approvals for any financial and security decisions. Yes, you could say this is more conservative than for example 4 out of 7. In practice I do not think there was ever a problem with having an even number of members. Most often after some debating we all agree on decisions. What is more common is for a CC member to simply not care much or involve themselves in a decisions, in which case it is harder to get 4 out of 6 signatures compared to for example 4 out of 7. In any case, for the moment the idea is to keep the wallet as is, but get new CC members to do the actual governance and voting. If we encounter the old CC members cannot keep up with their signing duties we can re-discuss how to setup the new wallet.
Any new wallet would probably be a 4 out of 7 with one key with an old OC, CC or otherwise trusted community member.


I added dates and deadlines to the call for candidates. If you are in the list above of active community members, or if you know yourself that you can help Grin governance, I would like to encourage you to seriously consider becoming a candidate for the CC election.
Post you candidacy post as soon as possible, but at the latest at the 7th of September so your candidacy post is included in the newsletter. Grin needs you!

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Hello all. I am honored to be thought of as a candidate and I will accept the informal nomination.

I know that I am new-ish to the community, and not the most technical person on this forum, but I find the ideas of the project compelling nonetheless. Grin is so much more than a “privacy coin”. The ideas are much bigger, and what I love is that I think everyone here knows that.

I got into tech through self-learning and an implementation role. I built a feature request program, managed documentation websites, and worked as a product manager. So maybe I could bring a different kind of perspective to the council.

UX - What would it take for Grin to become a “daily driver”? What are we missing and how do we get there step by step? I have proposed thinking of this in terms of products rather than individual features, which can help us have something more concrete to aim for.

DX - I love connecting talented people and projects with similar values/goals. Nostr+Grin, Reticulum+Grin, etc. Getting external feedback and first impressions from developers is a big interest for me.

Thanks again!


Hello, I’m pulseofdrama and have no reasons to steal cc funds. Vote for me today to have future Tommorow


@Danila If you are serious about wanting to be on the CC, I would suggest you would write following the template described in my post. See this Candidate’s post as example:

Include your track record etc. If you just want to just joke about it, your current post will do fine :wink:

We was have enough of ppl who was write as much as they can. I’m prefer to keep it simple.

@Danila …Still, to get votes you need a seperate topic.

Hello everyone. Thank you @Anynomous for mentioning me :fire: I will be back in October. I do not have time until the end of September. I always read Grin news and I am always here… Everything Grin community needs that I can help I will. Maybe not this time because I cant be active in September. But if something change in the near future i will focus 100% in grin community commitments


Ok, since Danila requested it. His post above is counted as their official Candice post. I would have preferred one thread per candidate, better for getting feedback, but I can live it.
If anyone wants to endorse them or object to their candidacy they can do so by liking or not liking or mentioning their endorsement arguments or objections here.

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Greetings, I am firmly opposed to the inclusion of Danilka within the CC team.

His contributions predominantly involve engaging in chat discussions and expressing opinions that lack a well-informed basis.
Should the team be seeking a mere chat moderator or individuals capable of making consequential decisions?
Even upon perusing the chat, it becomes evident that he lacks comprehension in fundamental matters such as mining, inflation, basic principles of economics and more.
Is it truly in our best interest to have a team member from Russia who demonstrates a deficiency in effective communication and a tendency to resort to personal affronts? (a screenshot is attached)

He maintains a presence on the forum, yet the pinnacle of his ingenuity seems to have manifested in misleading the community into purchasing MM.

Also, we can see that he was on the team of an abandoned (scam project).

Thank you for reading, with best wishes for the project.


Yep it’s me, as u see I’m always honest. If I’m see bastard who do nothing but wanna talk about his bad childhood I’m will tell that’s straight. I’m also was promise to use flamethrower on someone. And also pls bring all screenshots when I’m was help ppl, it will be not so much maybe 200-100 by all this year

And I’m was not in team of “abandoned project” u can stop speculate about this loser. U can make efforts (I’m know that’s u lazy girl) and find old conversation about in which u was loose as always. Enjoy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
P.s. from my side I’m need to say that’s this UA “I’m wanna be rich kid” is just do nothing but yelling about his looses all this time and blame everyone in that. Well same as several ppl too, but his is just low life cry kid for sure. Once again vote for me, I’m honest and care

For those reading. Here is @Danila’s candidacy post if you want to vote for him:



So far we have three candidates for the upcoming CC election:

If you feel you are ready to step up and become a candidate to represent the community in the upcoming Community Council elections, I would encourage you to make your candidacy post now so you candidacy post can be included in the newsletter the 8th of September.

If you care about the project but cannot step-up yourself, please check the candidates that best represent your opinion and back them with your feedback and likes.


The official election ended at the 22nd of September.

According to votes counted on forum, among 3 candidates;

Congratulations :tada: We hope the new Grincc members will bring new ideas and dynamism to governance of Grin ツ


Congratulations @trab and @Trinitron.
If will add you to all CC groups. If you feel like it we can setup a face to face chat. If you prefer to stay anonymous, I also more than respect that :wink:.


Thank you. Yeah I’m up for video chat with CC.