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Hello all. I am honored to be thought of as a candidate and I will accept the informal nomination.

I know that I am new-ish to the community, and not the most technical person on this forum, but I find the ideas of the project compelling nonetheless. Grin is so much more than a “privacy coin”. The ideas are much bigger, and what I love is that I think everyone here knows that.

I got into tech through self-learning and an implementation role. I built a feature request program, managed documentation websites, and worked as a product manager. So maybe I could bring a different kind of perspective to the council.

UX - What would it take for Grin to become a “daily driver”? What are we missing and how do we get there step by step? I have proposed thinking of this in terms of products rather than individual features, which can help us have something more concrete to aim for.

DX - I love connecting talented people and projects with similar values/goals. Nostr+Grin, Reticulum+Grin , etc. Getting external feedback and first impressions from developers is a big interest for me.

Thanks again!

Please ask questions in this thread if you have them!


I like Nostr + Grin.


I agree it would be good to think in terms of “products” instead of features. It is like when developing software using Agile approach. You start with user stories which roughly translates to a set of features that make up a product that allows the user to do something. Only then you start thinking of individual features to implement.

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I didn’t write this, but I would also like to group features in terms of which users of the network they are for.

Because we want to improve the experience for miners, node operators, developers, and of course consumers. It’s a system that needs to be balanced. And we can think of who needs the most improvement at the moment and which of these users need the most incentive at the moment

For me, I would like to use Nostr to send slatepacks. But not just slatepacks. Also let people include optional notes for what the slatepack is for!

This would get us to a UX that is on par with what people have with Fiat currency today.

I know people are annoyed with the multiple steps needed with slatepacks, but I think there could be some fun UI designs that make it a delight.

Example: Swipe right to sign and send back, swipe left to decline and put in your trash. Move through your list of pending slatepacks quickly etc.


That’s what the “memo” field is for, it’s described in early payment proofs rfc


That isn’t implemented yet, right? That and invoices is very exciting

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Here is an example of my thoughts on a BBS back from last summer, for an example of my thought process.

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I support your candidacy. More priority should be given to the development of payment systems.


+1. A smooth and intuitive way to send and receive Grin is the key to success.