Grin CC member review

Prologue: CC has been a hot topic lately, from roles & engagement to spending guidelines and transparency. Some of the community are mad/ frustrated and think spending should be paused and/ or new members added. While others are happy to keep things as is with minor changes.

This topic is to address whether any current CC members wish to step down because they cannot participate in the councils activities for a prolonged time( or for whatever undisclosed reason).

CC is a volunteer role, so we can’t realistically expect all members to stay constantly active and engaged for years on end, thus it should be expected that members come and go over the years( life constantly changes). However, if a member is going to take a break for a couple of months, but is still contactable to carry out basic obligations like signing txs, then we don’t necessarily want them to leave either. At the end of day, the CC is a trusted role within a small community, so finding new members is not a trivial task.

Obligations of Grin Community Council members:

“Grin Community Councilm members are primarily representatives of the community and are keyholders of the communit funds. They are expected to responsibly manage the keys of the community fund wallets and manage Funding Requests and Bounties in accordance with the spending guidelines. Although preferred, being an active community member is not a requirement. If a council member cannot participate in the councils activities for a prolonged time, he or she is requested to consider stepping down if more suitable representatives are available. Decision making on funding request as well as defining, checking and reviewing deliverables is a community effort.”

Before we even get into the topic of adding new CC members. Let’s see if any current members would like to step down:

If current members could please engage this post in some way to show they still want to maintain their CC role.

Current members:


Obviously, I’m on the CC/ have my own bias views and could just go ask members in private channels. But for the sake of transparency, I’m posting this here for everyone to see and discuss.


I am willing to stay on as a CC member. I do recognize we need some change. In the last month as well as a few times before I spend more time than I wished to spend on Grin governance. I do not mind these tasks but in moderation and as part of a shared effort.

I would love for something like subteams to materialize. I do not think this should be ‘pushed’ by CC members. If people want to work on some tasks either as individual or as part of a team, e.g. Twitter promotion, updating GitHub, Grin art, accounting, formulating bounties, reviewing, organizing events and meetups or anything else they wish to contribute, they are always welcome to do so and they can always ask for support from the CC. The innitiave should however always come from within the community, or it will fall appart like some of the previous attempts I made at creating subteams as CC member.
I do believe working in small groups works well because it is motivating and fun to talk and work on a shared passion like Grin. I think those who contribute to Grin mostly already do this by chatting in direct messages or as group on KeyBase Telegram or other channels. Meetings being motivational also holds true for the CC. An occasional face to face or video call can be motivating and make being part of the Community Council “subteam” more fun and more effective.


In this context, it would be better additional trusted 2 members.


I hereby announce that I’m stepping down as a Community Council member.

Unfortunately both my business and private life have left no time for me to participate in the grin community. Neither adequately, nor even at all. I haven’t been able to attend the council’s meetings, and lately haven’t even kept up with the group chat or what’s happening on the forums. The final straw for me was when that resulted in me not signing a transaction which meant an unnecessary delay.

I’m very sorry that I’ve let my participation lapse over such a long time. I should’ve stepped down much earlier and made room for another member of the community.

So, I’m out now. It was a great ride, I’ve met many interesting people and learned a lot. But now it’s time to give somebody new the opportunity and place to do their thing. Thanks for everything guys, I’ll watch Grin from the sidelines (at least for now!) :slight_smile:


Good luck to you, Hendi, wish you all the best in your life and business!

I respect your work in development of Grinexplorer.
Can you, please, share code of health and stats pages, so if something will go wrong we can fix or use it as examples at our projects?

Thank you.


First of all I wanted to say thank you to the current CC members and the GRIN community who did support us in the first place.

As we experienced over the last few weeks/month some of us where a bit more inactive due to their current personal or professional situation.

Me for example I was busy working on exchange relationships which ultimately did fail as well as keeping Grinnode running and in the process of keeping Grinmint alive.

I am and was closely watching what was happening in the background and I am in close communication with most of the CC members as well as some members from the GRIN community.

For my particular situation I would suggest the following:

  • not stepping down yet
  • find a temporary representative for me acting in my interest on meetings, etc

I got asked to not yet step down from the GRIN CC until the other members are replaces from the GRIN community.

What I am going to do is find a representative for me who will act on my behalf and does all the public work but not the transaction signing.

I will be still doing the transaction signing as the last task before I also can be replaced in the future, but for the time being if you all support this idea I can help manage.

If you up for the challenge please contact me.


I’m out. Peace and Love, guys.


We now have confirmation that 2x CC members are leaving ( @hendi & @davidtavarez) I sincerely wish them all the best and hope they’ll both return in the near future.

In today’s CC meeting it was proposed by @Anynomous that the community elects 1x new member and the CC appoints the other. Which I’m in favor of.

See discussion here:


If you don’t like this proposal, then add your input now. Don’t cry about it later.

I’ve also proposed to create a forum post announcing the ‘election’ that follows a similar structure to the original “Call for Grin Community Candidates” Call for Grin Community Candidates for additional fund granting control

Things got a bit messy last time the CC held a vote like this, so this time there should be a cut off date when all applications must be submitted by. We could time the cut off date to align with a Grin Newsletter, so all Candidates would get mentioned at the same time in the Newsletter. Votes could then be counted some days later. All dates would be defined and fixed upon creating the announcement post on this forum.


I like a mix of election and appointment, but I think the process should be the same for all CC members. We should really decide on a CC appointment process and be consistent.

What about this: CC selects a group of candidates based on account age/reputation/etc, and community elects one of those candidates? I think this gives community strong representation, while allowing the CC to vet any potential new members.

[edit] I don’t have access to keybase, so I cant check the conversation history to see if this idea was already discussed.


Keybase is not popular place for discussions indeed + awful experience at Android, Telegram is more popular and accessible place, I want to see CC meetings/discussions here.

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Same idea, if we move to Telegram, we could get more new comers as many crypto guys like to stay active in Telegram.
When people see our Telegram channels are active, they have more ‘trust’ on Grin project.


It’s also about openness, a lot people have no clue about Keybase, especially with its GUI clients stability/performance.


telegram has no rooms afaik

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Added at updated client.
They are calling them “Topics”.
But notifications can be unread at mobile for old clients.



Telegram is not private enough IMO. It directly links to your phone number.
E.g., me using a pseudonym, not possible on Telegram unless I would put in a lot of effort, get a burner phone number, only use that account on separate hardware etc.
Keybase works fine and has less spam.

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I didn’t mean to start a debate about chat clients. I’m not suggesting you change, I only meant to say I can’t access keybase so I haven’t seen the referenced messages. Telegram is also a problem for privacy reasons.

Never understood why Matrix, XMPP, or IRC weren’t considered. Those protocols are open and widely adopted, with many clients on many platforms. Keybase is the opposite of that.

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Maybe we can restore Keybase widget to keep discussions from General room more public then. Who wants to join, they will join. Another idea is to parse Keybase room to separate Telegram channel :slight_smile:

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I’d second the suggestion of Matrix chat for a new home. With the element app there’s no complicated setup for newcomers and it’s a 10x better experience than keybase.

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This is not the first time it was proposed.

My suggestion would be to just start it (anyone from the community can do this) and see if there are enough people from the community to move to it. Such a switch should be organic and not forced.

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I self host all my stuff so I’ll set everything up for Matrix in the next month or two after a little reading up and get it going. I’m disabled so I have lots of time to get stuff like this done without killing my free time.