How To Increase Grin Adoption

Lets put in the team together to get the application rolling. Ledger support is crucial and can fast track adoption immediately thereafter


I’ve recently come across Grin and just started mining it. I’m a VP at an Inbound Marketing firm and have started to think about putting a website together to start promoting GRIN. Right now I’m advising and working with another project, but I really like what I’ve seen from GRIN so far. So I am debating (with myself) if I can split my time between projects. I’ve been talking about the need in the crypto community for a more Inbound Marketing focus since 2017. New investors/users, especially more traditional ones are going to turn to the search engines for research. Too many crypto projects rely on Telegram and YouTube alone to communicate. What they need to do is put together a solid marketing plan (identifying the main personas, keywords, and a content calendar). Social and Web are the best way to get a lasting message.


do you know¿

Thanks @Cryptod. You’ve given some great advice and it’ll be an absolute pleasure to work with you.

We try new kind of promote grin by services which help send grin to standard people by sms, email etc.etc.

Exodus wallet is a great multi-coin wallet and their team members are big Grin fans. They’ve talked about getting it supported in the future. Any help the Grin team can give to help Exodus out would be amazing!


Are you with Exodus? or do you have a contact at Exodus?

no, just a fanatical user. If you go on their slack channel the team is very approachable and Grin is already on their radar. -

In 2009 Satoshi created the Bitcointalk forum to exchange about the BTC and then handed it back to a group of 3 managers. Since then, Bitcointalk only accepts payments in BTC. However, when Grin was born in early 2019, Bitcointalk immediately accepted Grin. So far, Bitcointalk only accepts payments with Bitcoin and Grin!

There is something very caliber here!


I am in Italy. I am thinking how make pay in grin for pizza. I know that it is now impossible. But if I will find in menu an information that my pizza will be made faster if I give them one grin I be happy. Let’s try make parallery payment for small grants in grin. Look. If owner of pizza restaruant put to window information. “Give us one grin We will make your pizza faster” I will pay pizza like always by Euro and pay one grin for receive pizza like the first class guest. Other poeple will ask why this man has the pizza so fast. The onwer of restaurant will say because the man gave me one grin. People will ask what is the grin and onwer of restaurant will say “it makes faster pizza and I can sell you grin ( which I have just paid to owner ) in price of pizza which you just order”. Do you understand ? All are happy - me, onwer and the people which pay more for pizza and receive grins. When these people will come back to pizza restaurant tomorrow they spend grin for faster pizza. The system starts work. Why the owner of restaurant wants use grins ? Bacause customer wants faster pizza and knows that in that restuarant onwars make it somene gives him on grin.

Grin Fast in Italy


Dude, people will not accept anything that they have no clue about. Before trying to get utility, you need people to know what Grin is. What you describe is the final step. We need to get the basics out first instead of skipping to the last page of the book

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People will accept things they have no clue about if there are customers who are enthusiastic about paying with it. When we get mobile wallets, I think something like this could be one of our stronger points:

Grin — the bleeding edge of decentralized currency

Keep your money easily accessible and safeguarded from third parties: Run a full Grin node on mobile!

For sure, we can go out and nag to millions of vendors to take grin cause we want them to. When they ask what is it? We somehow manage to give a compelling speech which explains Grin perfectly.

Who are you kidding? This is gonna take thousands of hours and end in epic failure. Do you really feel this is the best way to get awareness?

I for one encourage you. In fact, why don’t you both put your money where your mouth is and do that. I’d be more than happy to hear your results. Lol


BTC is adopted by Wannacry, so I guess GRIN will be known by WannaSmile :joy:


To increase Grin adoption, localization will be needed.
Each countries’ good translator, community manager or influencer can proceed it.

I actually translated Mimblewimble whitepaper as follows to introduce it for Japaneseツ

I want to promote this project as much as possible.
Gathering volunteer like may be good idea.


@hakka Dude this is awesome. Thank you for doing

Thank you.
I hope other countries’ translator follow my attempt.
The existence of translated whitepaper will be needed to introduce Grin’s concept for each countries’ people. It can be spread by influencers and recognized by people at least.


I am not sure. People buy a car, don’t read a manual and start driving. Don’t look at the engine. They know what is a car. Grin is a money. How it works - I pay you sell. It easy. Grin has many adds like cars - one cars is safe another faster - so it is a point where I agree with you that we must say people what can do grin for them. But do not spend too much time to say people what is grin, only 5 % read the manual. They want to drive not to learn.


Nice, I totally agree

just saw grin does’nt have mobile wallet (yet). we need to identify that first