Monkyyys market shitposting thread

I’m seeing CA, maybe Silicon Valley leading the charge?

edit: oh wait, worldwide, derp. Yeah see my next reply.

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Worldwide it’s Netherlands, Ukraine, Canada, US. (also not at a 12 month high, for worldwide)

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Yes, apologies - my bad … I think the term I searched was just Grin or possibly Grin + term I’ve now forgotten :upside_down_face: Interestingly, if you search ‘Grin Crypto’ Israel comes out on top which happens to be the main domicile of another mimblewimble crypto team I believe…



Seeing spikes like that in CA and Israel give me such a massive private lightweight gpu friendly boner.

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你可以学习,下载duolingo. and the chinese does not translate wellScreenshot_20190822-221743

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但是你希望别人学习中文… . この中国人。

If you forgot then you forgot, but if not…please share your secret leading indicator :smile:

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Man, this guy is Ignotus, it’s so obvious!!! I suggest we trial him :grin::grin::grin::wink:

Sorry to ruin your massive cuckarood29 size erection, but ASIC’S rule😎

When links are too mainstream

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What if, Grin was such a ShitCoin(despite a A1 monetary policy, active & resourceful network of developers/peers, & modest returns) we get Grin into a Bitcoin ATM that sells altcoins. We’re already pushing 90-88 in the top 100 we need more hype. Maybe not just yet, but very soon.

好的,我知道,现在学习需要人才。just try, it’s not hard

Asics do rule, but I did say asic resistant, not asic proof.

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如果你想留一个语言的人,我不会阻止你。 好きにしください✓&hr=328.0&d_enabled=true&d=16645217.12&p=0.0&fee=2.5&cost=0.1&hcost=15000.0&commit=Calculate
For anyone who’s interested in a bit of speculation. Sparkpool has 36 Kilographs/s with only 237 miners. While other pools pull in far less, around 1-2.5 Kg/s with 500-1100 miners. Do the math yourselves, I won’t be a host of conspiracy, because very well all the GPU farms could be directing their power at sparkpool. Nevertheless, it does look “trifling.” In the upcoming months though it should be something all of us (especially those with Innosilicon orders) to take a look at. If a mining company was secretly funneling profits from Grin and someone found this out and leaked this, I mean the price of Grin!!! I understand we’re not inflationary but that’ll pop the damn balloon.

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What do you mean secretly funneling profits from Grin? Make grin price go down more?