Cekickafa Progress Update Sept -December

Report September to December.

Meeting Notes and Agenda PR

Quarterly Transparency reports & spending logs

Donation of 2 G1 mini ASIC for testnet.

Recent PIBD and GUI wallet development has reached a point where active testnet activity is necessary. To this end, I reached out to two ASIC vendors (ipollo.com , NHASH) and requested test miners to support the development of Grin in coordination with Grin Community Council. Fortunately, both ipollo and NHash responded favourably. Two donated G1-Mini ASICS were delivered to @Mattczt and @navie , two community members. Currently, Testnet is actively running.

Grin Mining Tutorial
Helped publishing Grin Mining Tutorial to ipollo website.

GRIN Istanbul Meetup
Organized Grin Istanbul meetup which was remarkably successful and productive in my opinion.

Thank you ツ

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