Recompensate Tradeogre

Is any way to recompensate Tradeogre for his 50k Grin loss due to recent events ?


Seems fair, since 50k Grin is many days of trading fees for Grin trading on TO. It would suck for them to be rewarded with a loss for being the only exchange that made Slatepacks happen.


TradeOgre has always supported GRIN. They were the first to support slatepack.
I would find it normal to support them too.

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Although I feel for TradeOgre, it is a dangerous precedence to set.
But maybe it could be a topic to discuss or bring up on the next or the following Governance meeting, since we still have to wait for the formal report on the attack. @lehnberg

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Was a time , and i think still is, when Tradeogre was only and single one exchange who support Grin. And with succes.

It should not happen more than once. Even if theoretically others could have lost some Grin as well, I would find it fair to only refund TO and no one else, because of the unique circumstances and the role that TO plays for Grin.

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we can vote for best Grin exchange and winner will by get 0.5 BTC from Grin Fund :slight_smile:


That would be a nice indirect way to compensate TradeOgre :smiley:


Yup, seem Tradeogre is only one exchange who support Grin in this moment. It would be fair to interrupt Grin trading if it is not compensated for the loss suffered because someone who paid well did not do his job.
50k Grin is a large amount for a small exchange.


If we as a community want to support this exchange and pay for the loses, we should do it in a group effort. We ( would be willing to participate and donate 250 GRINs to them as our share for the recompensation.

I really want to see more exchanges integrating slatepacks and this could be used to make some promotion for GRIN as we are helping an exchange who nativly supports our payment methods.

But on the other hand this are “Exchanges” and not sure if we should do it.
(This referes to my past experiences with Exchanges and problems with them)


They, of course, can estimate better; if the Community wants to go further TO could fixed the lost amount and it could be more clear for everyone. For example, if someone now trades 50k Grins for BTC, it is around 0.44560700 BTC. TO could do that, with the exact price of the pair at the moment of the lost, and how much was that in USD for instance.

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If a lot of people are agreeing to contact TO, lets do the following:

  • Our GRIN Twitter handle contacts TO publicly on Twitter asking if we as the GRIN community can help to compensate for the GRIN loses during major re-org. As we want to support TO for being loyal to GRIN and accepting slatepacks.

We can offer:

  • direct GRIN deposits to an public TOR reachable slate address (no interaction needed, hopefully)
  • TO sets an order where we buy/sell GRIN into (someone suggested this)
  • open for more ideas…

How about we make a donation fund/online wallet for TradeOgre where users can donate to compensate TO - and then use the Grin general fund to double that amount, whatever it is, (with an upper limit of 50k).
In this way we make sure that there is a balanced contribution from both community and the general fund and we incentivize supporting TO for all community members since whatever they donate will get doubled.
Maybe we can discuss this in the next Grin Governance meeting.

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Why would Grin donate? Is het the software caused the failure or lies the fault with tradeorge?

Exploit on the GRIN blockchain, hardfork back. This is technically GRIN fault. TO has nothing to do with it.

Did they not fix it within 15 minutes? Correct me if i am wrong.

The time it took to sell GRIN on TO.
In the end fortunately only TO had the deposit and withdrawal open.

And we can verify this and we can fact check this? I have seen many mistakes happen, many exploits being exploited and many people lost their funds. In most cases people don’t get any compensation at all. Not just because Grin has a big fund it means that grin needs to support en compensate people that lost their funds for whatever reason. I would say no don’t compensate at all, otherwise we need another future fund to compensate all potential future requests. If you compensate 1, you can’t deny the others.

What we could do is supporting him with our own grin(s). This is a more healthier way, instead of using donated money from other people.

And we can verify this and we can fact check this?

This is the question we ask ourselves

In most cases people don’t get any compensation at all.

Because in most cases the fault lies with the user or the exchange and not with the blockchain itself.
It’s not an obligation either, it would be a fair return to thank them for the support they have given.
Still, it’s necessary to be able to prove the loss.

As for whether or not GRIN fund can be used for this. I’m pretty neutral on the question

Otherwise you will see another 10 topics about compensation(s) Proof is everything, no proof is no case, no verdict, but then still: I don’t support compensating from the grin fund, it is not meant to be used for that, don’t forget that grin is still experimental software.

What i will support is a community donation, solutions. This is the best transparent way to do so.