Monkyyys market shitposting thread

@andro Congratulations with your Grinaversary.
2 cents is a bit too optimistic I think. If you are extremely lucky you can buy around 4-5$ cents if there is another leg down. But we will see. In any case, shopping time :money_mouth_face:


Currently sitting at 7 cents.

Since the beginning of this week i hold exclusively Grin. I have no other coin in my possession. Am i an maximalist now? There are basically two reasons for this outcome:

  1. i like Grin and wanted to get rid of all the other.
  2. im so underwater pricewise that selling Grin makes absolutely no sense.

Of all the coins I know, Grin is the best and most rewarding to hold for the long term. Holding some Grin is a joy every day and I am confident of a bright future for Grin.

Do you think grin has all the answers and all other projects are a waste of time? If so, then yes.

Price in BTC will be 1sat

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Can go only up from there :+1:

Someone did a fat finger $500 market order.

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this is fake Grinbsc listed on mexc exchange. It hit 50$
They use $grin and grincoin tags.

I see, last trade at $30 on mexc.

I don’t think we need worry any longer about some sort of confusion between the two. It took a massive dump after the pump and volume is only 1.88k in the last 24. It’s headed for a de-listing I hope.

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Volume speaks volumes.
They should use some weighted averaging with multi day averaging to get a real sense of the price of crypto. Trades with either high or low values with no volume behind them is meaningless information and only serves to manipulate market sentiment.

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