Monkyyys market shitposting thread

That’s fine, we don’t care about the price here :wink: But two cents would be a good buy :slight_smile:

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More interesting is the price of Grin in Bitcoin. Curious to see if we complete the second part of a W pattern. In case the price falls lower, great buying time if you ask me.

Yeah exactly! The ever downtrend of Grin price actually encourage spending and not holding. In a way, in order to experience this technology, you have to give up some money!

Buy walls ready at two cents! :partying_face:

@andro Congratulations with your Grinaversary.
2 cents is a bit too optimistic I think. If you are extremely lucky you can buy around 4-5$ cents if there is another leg down. But we will see. In any case, shopping time :money_mouth_face: