Monkyyys market shitposting thread

yeah, odd movement like everyone just shrugged.

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Yeah, I think it won’t start trading ON binance until 6 hours from now so see what happens on actual list time/day

Yeah, I’d expect Grin will get an uplift from this anyway by association as many commentators mention Grin & Beam together presumably as they are the most high profile MW coins. Be interesting to see the size of the effect if any…

Wow. It is almost as if Binance doesn’t do anything of significance for the ecosystem. That’s unbelievable!

its good news for grin too, because having a privacy coin getting listed on an popular exchange is great news these days, for every privacy coin. One big reason for having beam listed on binance might be that the company behind it made efforts for it to happen.

Would be very surprised if Bean didn’t pay a few million from their ICO money to get binance to list.

bUt ItS nOT An iCo!!!

Man where’s the GRIN whales at? I mean they should be the ones building up walls. Where’s feasibility now? Long term is great, planning for the future is essential, but holy crap we’re running into a shit storm. I mean we have a dedicated community, I don’t see us becoming below 150, I mean ugh.

Can’t believe that so many crypto-people in 2019 still think that the significance and quality of a project is strongly correlated with its market cap.

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Its the amount you ask for on the exchanges, I mean it’s all calculated by the average prices (buys & sells), so if there’s 10000 buy orders of grin at $2.00 on every exchange it’ll bump the price up, not necessarily bring it up to $2.00. At least from my observations when looking at recent trades on exchanges, then looking at market price.

Is that not so? More popular projects are more in demand among clients than, for example, an unknown person project, about which no one knows roughly. I am not saying that it’s good, it’s stupid. The book is valued not by its cover, but by its content.

Have been thinking about what you said, and I believe dynamic sizing will be a big part of our value once privacy coins take off. Electricity consumption should increase every hard fork, it wouldn’t be such an increase to worry about. Us becoming a coin that’s value is based on electricity consumption should never happen, if smaller nm technology can be introduced into ASIC manufacturing faster in the next 10 years. Once people realize how expensive memory is, & how difficult it is to processes this memory, surely investors would buy in like crazy and want to make sure the ones who secure the network are rightly/equally incentivized with a generous price.

imo it all boils down to energy consumption, if the memory requirements are higher so is the energy to produce those before working in an ASIC but at the end of the day its just energy consumption, only abstracted away instead of e.g. an ASIC that’s working on sha(256)d like bitcoin. I’d argue cryptos are energy baked, being the main source of the intrinsic value (among scarcity and fungibility) and a safety measurement.

Well, as it were, on the one hand it’s right, but on the other, everything that you don’t touch requires energy. Whether it’s physical exercise, or reading books.

Who thinks GRIN/USD will stay stronger than GBP/USD?? Hehehe :slight_smile:

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Everthing’s tanking at the moment - let the panic be organized.

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Everything, including stocks. The biggest market participants have serious troubles.

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In answer to your question about when I said “bitcoin has to touch the 8500 cost point. Then there will be a flash down” and you said “When will this happen?”

The answer is today, by the way. Now hopefully people will start to be serious.


Maybe he thought that you meant something specific? For example, the date when Bitcoin touches 8500. Although I don’t know