Exchanges and slatepack support

He guys, I respect all your opinions. @Mokhtar thank you for communicating with so many exhanges. @vegycslol, I get where you are comming from, I mean we are still debating about the best workflow for interaction with exchanges and you only just finished the first version of the testnet exchange. We should avoid making relations with exhanges souer by spamming them to much.

Personally I feel that the truth (my opinion) lies somewhere in between.
It is silly not to get Grin on more exchange or get more users to use Grin. I mean seriously, Grin is usable by now, we do not need to hide Grin from the world.
At the same time we do have to be carefull in our communication and not try to force adoption since this could spoil relations with exchanges that might adopt when we could offer better template solutions.

@vegycslol is working on a testnet exhange, maybe that code can be used in a more mature version as template for real exhanges, I surely hope so. For the time being it is still alpha version.
Till that time comes, we should find a balance, communicate with exchanges whille respecting the postion of Grin which is not that of strong coin with a high market cap and a lot of adoption just yet.
Increasing use radoption, I think we can already increase adoption a lot this year. Grin has good wallet software, and I expect community projects can and should increase Grin adoption in this year. We can all play a part in increasing adoption, e.g. I paid two bounties of 1 Grin today for some well made Grin memes by people who helpe grin adoption and gave me a good laugh with these memes: