Writing new G1 Mini guide & I need help

If anyone is willing to help me get my new G1 Mini up and running on grinmint step by step and explain the nuts and bolts of it, I have experience writing and revising technical documentation to ease on boarding to people joining projects.

I’ve got experience with xmrig and p2pool so I was discouraged when the poor translation on this guide here and the grinmint site has left me with what I believe are correct parameters as they’re explained, but something is slightly off.

My first question is about naming rigs, does every rig in a pool need a unique ID? Or is there a standard way everyone does it?

And what ports am I forwarding if any through my firewall?

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This is the guide I referenced in the last post

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There is also video, hope it helps.

Excellent, thanks so much. I’m syncing my node now and am going to still write the guide for grinmint, but for now I’ll just use 2miners to get that thing hashing.

Got the grinmint setup working and I’ll have a tutorial typed in no time to prevent future headaches. I’m luckily familiar with OpenWRT and that plus combining 3-4 sources like the video and Ipollo page I can get a tutorial made that even the biggest noobs can handle


Wondering if anyone knows who to contact about getting the SSL cert on grinmint updated?

Already contacted, it is working with current miners, just updating phase.

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Thanks. I’ve actually had to go with herominers instead and give up on the guide. I kept having my hashrate fluctuate to zero and having mostly rejected shares at random points.

Still gonna retype their instructions and submit to have it updated on the site though.