Ipollo Mini G1 only works for about 2 minutes, then quits

Finally got it to actually mine to 2miners and it only mines for a short time after being power cycled by pulling the power cord. Then goes to 0 with no action on the interface. See image.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, excited to try this but unable to get it working.

same issue with a gpu rx5500xt in 2miners everything is nice after an houre hashrate is 0
you can try woollypooly or grinmint or herominer

Ipollo mini G1 is an ASIC, like a stand-alone. Nothing I can do about what algo it is running etc, just point it to a pool and turn it on. That is why it is so hard for me to find any material on how to fix my problem. Thanks for reply though.

Edit: Or do you mean try a different pool? You have the same problem in that the pool cuts out on you not the miner?

yes go to different pool i did not try it i just left mining grin until someone take care if the issues in Grinmint and Lol miner

I’ve tried 2miners, Goblinpool, woolypooly(no us servers), grinmint… guess I’ll just have to wait for Ipollo to respond, not gonna hold my breath lol.

For the first time without pulling the power cable I have some action with Grinmint, will report back on how long it stays active.

Same thing happened.

and this pic was Herominer

The G1 mini OEM power supply can be faulty. Maybe try a new power supply? I’m not an expert though.

Amazon has “COOLM 12V 12.5A Power Supply”

There has been literally no issues with power to the unit that I can see. It still responds fine through the interface, just stops registering any actual mining. I’ll more than likely pick up an extra adapter just to try it anyway, so thanks for the suggestion. But I seriously doubt it will help.

Ipollo support agrees with you, I have been instructed to replace the 120w (supplied with the unit btw) power block with a 180w version. I hope the one I picked up actually fits. We’ll see if this makes a difference.

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If you fancy a bit of DIY have a look at this

The server power supplies are really efficient and could handle supplying power to multiple minis. Just have to be a bit creative with the 12v power distribution and put a fuse on each + power wire.

I appreciate the link but this seems quite dangerous. I was directed to get a 180w unit to replace the supplied 120w but am having trouble finding one that has the same plug to fit into the mini g1. Anyone have a link to one that would work on amazon? Planning on visiting microcenter this weekend with the old plug in hand.

Hey! This is the plug I bought https://www.amazon.com/COOLM-12V-12-5A-Power-Supply/dp/B083KFN5YJ
It’s been working since end of March without issue
Hope it works!

Yeah its not for the electronics newbie, but I wouldn’t call it dangerous.
I’ve had a lot of issues with the laptop style chargers over the years, they are also not very efficient. I thought I’d throw it out there.

Don’t rest your charger boxes on anything flammable, they can get very hot. This includes laptop ones.


THANK YOU SO MUCH, this did finally arrive and VOILA, miner has been running successfully now for 4.5 hours! Appreciate all the replies, @unpourtous feel free to PM me an address and I’ll throw you a tip in some Grin when I get paid out for the first time =).

Hey no worries! Glad it worked! :slight_smile: