G1 miners low hashrate

Does anyone have any experience with Grin miners pushing only barely above half of their normal hashrate? I have several G1 minis now doing that. Using 2miners.

Any ideas how this gets fixed?

I’m dealing with 57 minis and I also use 2miners, and none have ever hashed low, not even when parked in the attic during the summer with a failed fan or two. You could try upgrading to the latest firmware by SD card. You can download the latest firmware here.

Look at the current and average hashrate pool side. A mini could report low temporarily, but those averages should be as expected.

If I remember correctly this problem although rare, has been reported before. I think because the chip was damaged or only working half. Make sure you are not using some custom setting though, those could also limit your hash rate. For example, if you lower the maximum temparature, expect a lower hash rate (be sure not to put it higher than allowed or you will fry your G1 mini).

Reported before here:

Some pools differs really, from 1.2 kgps to 1.6 kgps at same time for me, oveall hashrate considered with this. I dont know if it is a pool thing, i simultaneously swtiched from pool to pool at shortest time. I will test it somehow.

Guys, thank you for your responses. I will try updating the firmware. I currently have 2.49.

I have a feeling this is pool related. Here are details of my experience

  • some time ago I had to restart one of my big G1 asics. When it came online it was only pulling like 16 Gbs. I spoke to iPollo support. They looked at the logs and etc and said this was pool related. After a few days, the miner went back to normal on its own. The environment didn’t change
  • later I took down 3 of my G1minis which were doing great but I had to remove them due to space limitations. When I powered all of them back up after a prolonged period of time (months), they were only producing 0.6-0.8. They never went back to normal. They were really cool since they were only hashing at half speed. So temperature was not an issue.
  • Finally, a few days ago, 5 of my minis went down from average over 1.2 to 0.7-0.8, 3 went to 0.8-.09 and went to 1.0. I am talking averages.

This absolutely doesn’t look like a firmware, environment, power or software issues. I strongly believe it is an issue with 2miners.

Regardless, I will update them and see what happens. Then if that fails, I’ll try a different pool.

Any pool suggestions?

If I was to leave 2miners, I’d return to grinmint. Community pool and lowest fee.

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