Grin mining. I need help

Hi everyone

Hi everyone
I’m new mining grin. I have a Ipollo g1 mini. I feel quite confused about the whole point of receiving my 2miners payments to my Grin++ wallet…I have disabled my antivirus and verified that tor is connected. Apparently everything is fine but my wallet suddenly turns yellow… I’ve been looking at grin for two days in a row but nothing is reflected in my grin++ wallet, I don’t know what else to do, can someone with a good heart help me?

Be sure your VPN is turned off. You may need to clear your peers folder:

2miners should attempt to send your pool payout to the address you provided every 2 hours.

Hi Neo-Neo, im new in this. Where i clear my peer folder?, in the grin++ wallet?

ok, i found the peer folder. there are 7 files (current, identity, log)…should I delete them all?

I delete the entire folder. It will recreate the next time that you open Grin++.

Some VPNs are messing with Tor.

Please join Telegram: Contact @GrinPP for support.

i got it. i have a question…Grintmint pool accepts asic miner like ipollo g1?..I say this because maybe it is easier to use slatepacks that you are online all the time… I think

Yes, you are correct.

If I place my ipollo g1mini on can I use as a payment wallet?..or do I also have to use grin++?

I actively mine on Grinmint too using iPollo ASICs and always use payout to Wallet address on Grin++. It would work the same to an exchange wallet. You’ll have to manually initiate the payout on Grinmint, which I prefer.

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