Mining to Ironbelly

Hope someone can advise. I’ve just started mining with my G1 on 2miners, using a wallet address I setup in Ironbelly. I’ve generated about 40 grin but no payout to my wallet. I’ve left Ironbelly running in the background on my phone. is there some other step that I’m missing maybe, or is it just a case of waiting more patiently?!

Ironbelly Tor address only remains active while app is open on the receive screen.

If the pool does periodic address payouts you will need to run an always on wallet on a desktop or leave the app open with screen lock turned off during a payment cycle.


ahhhhh! that would explain it! Ive had the app open but just sitting at the first screen… I wasnt going into the Receive screen! Hopefully thats all it was.

Thanks buddy, thats really useful info, dont know how I managed to miss that.

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I am not 100% certain, so you should test it yourself, but if in the settings of IronBelly you disable ‘Lock in background’ which is by default on, I think the wallet keeps on running and receiving.

Thanks man, yeh I did find that option and disabled it. Left the phone on overnight on the Receive screen as Trinitron suggested… and still no Grin :frowning:
Dont know if its just me, but this coin seems pretty hard to actually receive! Ive been mining for a few years too.
Its a shame but Im pretty sure most new miners will file Grin in the ‘too hard’ column.

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It is pretty simple to receive Grin with slatepack method to your wallet (ironbelly,Grin++ or Niffler) with You dont need to be online.
It is not a shame, 2Miners still dont have this feature.

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Oh dear friend you need an online wallet
This online wallet can receive the coins you have mined in the pool at any time and then you can withdraw from the online wallet to your Ironbelly wallet at any time, it is very convenient and fast, you can try it out.

As Ive already mined some coin with 2miners, does that mean I have lost them if I start mining at grinmint though?
As the Ironbelly route didnt seem to be working, I went ahead and downloaded the Grin++ wallet on an always-on windows desktop & switched the address in the 2miners pool to the receive address in the new Grin++ wallet. That doesnt seem to be working either, as it sticks at Step2/4 Downloading State… so at this stage I have coin in 2 wallets that I cant receive!



Thanks for that. Do you have the link for that post, Id like to keep updated on his progress with that.

Good news on the Grin++ wallet tho - it downloaded, the address turned green and I started receiving payouts :slight_smile: Was just a case of waiting for it to download I guess.

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Telegram: Contact @ironbelly join here.

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