Grin++ Wallet & 2miners Pool

Hey Grin community,

I recently started mining grin and saw that 2miners recommends creating a wallet via one of the crypto exchanges because it always needs to be online to receive payment.

I saw this but I decided to use a local Grin++ wallet that I assumed if it was up and running/connected, receiving payment wouldn’t be a problem. I used the direct Grin++ wallet address in my Gminer config file for the user (i.e. Grin123…XYZ), as I saw a handful of other miners in the pool doing the same.

My question is, am I going to run into issue with receiving payouts? If so, how can I remedy this without losing my mined coins?

Thanks for any insight.


Unless 2miners started supporting Slatepack addresses (which would be news to me), then you’d have to use the http address, the one that’s colored green. Just make sure your wallet is on and the address stays green while you receive.

And don’t worry about lost coins. utxo’s cant be sent “into the void” like with Bitcoin; if the pool couldn’t reach your wallet through the address, then the coins weren’t spent.

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If I change to the http address, will the coins that I’ve mined be sent to that address by 2miner? I’m unsure how to go about claiming them if I did indeed mess up the wallet portion. What’s weird though is if you view this page you can see a handful of miners using the direct grin++ wallet address and it shows them as having been paid -

I’am using Grin ++ to receive my payout from 2miners. don’t worry if your wallet is offline, the payout is scheduled every 2 hours, so if your wallet is unreachable there will be a retry every 2 hours. you can just run grin ++ on your desktop while working and forget it.

they are not supporting slatepacks for the moment but i saw that grinmint pool does , will give it a try

Odd, I don’t know how they use the grin1 address and still get paid.

Anyway, just change to the http address and you should be able to receive all the coins that haven’t reached you.

Thanks for another reply. Because I’d be changing the user associated in the Gminer .bat file (from grin1 to http), would the coins linked to the grin1 address still be “rerouted” to the new http address?


That depends on your pool. Just change the address and contact them if there are any problems.

i’m running into a smilar problem - its my first time setting it up. Do you mind throwing me some documentation that will help my mining efforts get to me?

If I were you I would just hold the grin on the pool until next HF. That will be in January then use slatepacks and you don’t have to learn something that is going to be legacy in a month.

This may be of help if you’re not sure how to begin.