Herominers pending balance

I started mining just over a week ago, I use the “herominers” site and the “Bminer” program to mine the “Grin” coin, but I am having trouble receiving the coins, I have 20 “Grin” to receive, but no is deposited in my account, since I started mining the coins I have earned are in the “pending balance” tab and are not deposited in my wallet.
I followed the guidelines of the website “herominers” to create my wallet I use “Grin ++”, I also followed the guidelines of the website to configure the program, I use version 16.4.9 of the program because the latest versions (16.4. 11) doesn’t have the “mine_grin32.bat” file for me to configure.
I normally run the file “mine_grin32.bat” it doesn’t give any execution error, after a while the “herominers” site verifies that I’m mining the coin, there are several coins for me to receive, but I don’t receive anything in my wallet, the coins are locked in the “pending balance” tab.
If anyone knows what’s going wrong and can help me I’d appreciate it, it’s been a week since I’ve had my coins blocked.

This sounds almost certainly like a mining pool issue. Have you tried contacting their support? Did you verify there’s no minimum required for withdrawal?


  1. Check your payment threshold is low enough. Only if threshold is lower than the non pending grin, you will receive payout.See link below to go to herominer settings.
    GRIN Mining Pool - HeroMiners

  2. Also check if your wallet is reachable:

Good afternoon everyone, I appreciate everyone’s contact and help, for some reason my wallet was inactive, but the problem was solved and I just received my coins, once again I appreciate everyone’s help.