Wallet for Mining


I’m using Niffler Wallet, but it seems that the Wallet address is NOT reachable. So, which wallet can I use?


Grin++ is the best choice, IMO

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Thanks!! And the address is reachable? Because the others uses “Satlepack” address?? or something like that…

You can check if your address is reachable here:

You have to keep your wallet open while you want to receive a transaction

Thanks Axon7!!

What if the wallet is closed? When I open it, maybe another day, the coins will arrive?

Your wallet must be online to talk to the node while mining, if you are solo mining. If you are mining with a pool, then your wallet just has to be online when you withdraw from the pool.

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Wrong forum. This forum is for the Grin cryptocurrency: https://grin.mw