Would like to donate a G1 mini for testnet mining

Hey guys, I will have a bunch of G1 minis coming in the next 2-3 weeks and would like to donate one of them to the community to run it on the testnet. If another G1 mini is helpful for this purpose, could someone from the governance / dev team suggest how to go about this?


That’s awesome of you to offer. For testnet mining all we need is at least 1 mini running to keep the chain going, and we have 2 community miners on that already.

Personally, I think you should hold onto it and if both of the community miners go offline we can ask you to run it on testnet or get it out to someone.

One of the goals of 2023 should be enabling the faucet again, and by adding more testnet miners we can ensure that we will have a good amount of coins to distribute.

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Forgive me David, but adding more miners does not give us more coins does it? Or can difficulty not go all the way down to 1 GPS?

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No it cannot give you more than 1 coin per second on average.
Difficulty is not measured in GPS (graphrate is). Difficulty can go down to a minimum of the C32 graph weight (16384). With less than 1 G1-mini mining, you could get less than 1 coin per second when the average block interval becomes longer than 1 min.

I think I get you but to be clear, can 1 GPS graph rate maintain 1 minute average block time at or above minimum possible difficulty?

Yes, the difficulty would adjust such that a solution is found roughly every “60 GPS”. This makes the network find 1 block every 60 seconds.

Thanks. So my point stands: all we need is at least one miner to get 60 testnet grins per minute. We have 2 which is good for redundancy. And 3 is probably unnecessary.

On average one in 42 graphs has a 42-cycle, so at minimum difficulty (where every cycle meets the difficulty target), 42/60 = 0.7 GPS suffices to maintain the target block rate.


Having a few test-net miners for redundancy is great, about 3-4 should be enough IMO. It think we have 3 now, so that is great.

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On keybase, John Davies has kindly volunteered to take over from me the duties of mining, he doesn’t need the electricity cost covering.
So would it be appropriate for me to send the miner directly to him, to the CC mining facility, or send it back to nhash?
I feel like my work here has been done now, and i don’t want to continue the funding requests.

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Its just me and navie at the moment.

If anyone else wants to contribute some power to the testnet, you can simply configure the g1 mini like this:

Pool - stratum+tcp://

Worker - your username

Password - your password

You can verify the difficulty increase at https://testnet.grinexplorer.net

The difficulty is roughly 30000 with one g1 mini, its roughly 60000 with two.

All of the mined testnet grin goes to a wallet that both me and @davidtavarez can access.
A future project could be a faucet so that the community can get some tgrin easily.