Help me get a G1

Hi all,
In the goal to provide content about GRIN, I ordered some G1 mini to increase the content available. You can find this on my you tube channel, web page or library that I made public.

I’ve noticed that there is absolutely no G1 content on YouTube, no opening, no running and no comment about how operation are going after few month.
I was thinking to take one but the price of 15K is too high for me. But I have an idea, why don’t I contact Apollo to explain what I will provide as content is they make me an affordable price. I can provide both French and English video about G1 like some did for G1 mini. I think that could be a win-win situation.
But !! my content is not really followed by many people, so at the place of Apollo I would be very reluctant to do so.
And here is why I’m here, some of you saw me here for long time now and I was thinking that maybe some member of the community could add their name of the message I will send to ipollo. It will increase the chance to obtain a good price.

Regards to all of you :partying_face:


YouTube channel :


The G1 is an industrial piece of mining hardware that doesn’t really need advertising.

It is just 30x G1 Mini in one chassis anyway, so it’s performance is directly analogous.

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The software is as far as I know also identical. Hence a video on how to use a G1 Mini also works for a G1, it just has a higher hash/graph rate.

Nice work on the website/gitbook and the videos.