Hardware Setup to mine GRIN

Hi there, hope everybody is fine and safe!
I am pretty sure there are already tons of posts and bits and pieces of information here and there about that topic but I was not able to find an up-to-date thread summarizing the 2-3 best hardware setup to buy/build for mining GRIN. I found things about iPollo G1/G1-mini, about GPUs, about assembling a mining computer, but I was not able to find a clear path:

  • best material to buy?
  • best places where to buy online wih trust?
  • guide to install/assembly?

Do you know if someone did recently an up-to-date article/post or check-list about that here or elsewhere that I could leverage to be equipped soon?

Thanks for the information!

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Now that c32 ASICs are readily available, there’s no reason to buy GPUs for mining Grin. Buy from iPollo directly if you prefer PayPal, Nhash if you prefer USDT/Tether. Their pricing schedules are exactly the same. Nhash provides faster communication. When best pricing is considered, G1 versus G1-mini are the exact same price per hash, at least when I purchased. Go with G1 if you have 30A 220V, otherwise you’ll be dealing with a lot of Ethernet cables and PSUs during deployment. Go with G1-mini if you want significantly quieter (running within home) and more flexibility in cost and placement (only 85W each on average). G1 takes up 12.5A on a 30A circuit (limited to 24A because of 80% rule), & best price is currently $23,999 as advertised from Nhash.

I’m a fellow miner that’s GPU mined Grin since genesis and have purchased the following Grin ASICs:
G1-mini first batch from iPollo direct through this forum campaign x5
G1-mini through Nhash x20
G1 through Nhash x1
Will bundle more Grin ASICs in the future when iPollo releases their BTC & ETH ASICs.

I’ve only had 1x G1-mini DOA (foul smoke on each power-up, no hash but was accessible through admin panel) and Nhash promptly shipped a replacement in advance without additional payment or RMA. I’m awaiting RMA instructions for the DOA unit.


Hi Community,
Just a sanity check to avoid being scammed without noticing:

  • I contacted info@ipollo.com and got a quick quote and payment method as follows: > G1 mini - 899 USD/unit to be performed through USD bank transfer
  • they seem responsive and legit but according to your experience, is this the usual way to proceed and a rather safe approach?

I did read on iPollo’s telegram that they are only accepting T/T at this time. PayPal is greatly preferred by most buyers surely, but I suppose they want to avoid the 3.9% international PayPal fees + $0.20/transaction. I recommend pointing your iChicken(s) to Grinmint.


Hi there,
I got a request for KYC before they provide their bank account for wire transfer, they asked for:
ID/Passport No.:
ID/Passport name:
ID/Passport nationality:
Delivery address:
Phone number with country code:
When Identity, address and phone number are usual for purchase, did you also get a request for your passport number?

I can understand requiring your mailing address for shipping the order, but asking for your passport seems like VAT compliance for someone within the Eurozone. No, I didn’t need to provide my ID or Passport to iPollo or Nhash (I’ve ordered from both separately).

I’m currently placing an order for more G1-mini from Nhash. Finished deploying these at my commercial basement farm this weekend: https://photos.app.goo.gl/pCxYKEW22XNn9nxk6


Looks great! Thanks for sharing!