Mining Assumptions

Hello all,

I’m fairly new to mining and some of Grin’s new take on things, but I wouldn’t say that I’m new to cryptocurrency.

I have been following MimbleWimble for awhile now, and I guess my main question is this: even though it’s still very early stage, can’t there be some predictions/forecast for what the best mining hardware (“best” being efficient) would be to use in the future?

I ask this because I haven’t really done any large scale mining in the past, though I’d like to give it a shot with Grin now and when it hits mainnet.

So to elaborate, should I just go for the best Nvidia and/or AMD graphics cards? (AMD seems like the better choice in regards to price and performance, although I guess overall it depends on what mining software you use.)

All in all, I’d appreciate any discussion involving the topics of preparing, getting ready, or seeking out the best equipment tied to Grin for mining now and as believed to be in the future (not counting ASICs).


The details of the PoW might change between now and mainnet, so it would be hard to give you advice on something that doesnt exist yet. For more information see here, here and here.
Starting a mining operation at this time is certainly not recommended. But for the current PoW, a 1080Ti will give you ~4 graph/s and a 1070 ~2.3graph/s

Absolutely do wait one month for next generation of nvidia GPUs with GDDR6.