Building a grin mining rig—what to choose?

If you had ~ $3,000 to build a grin mining rig, what hardware would you choose? @tromp ?


I don’t know. You’d want to wait until detailed Joule/graph numbers are available for all GPUs with >= 8GB.
It seems like the 1080 Ti is a relatively safe bet though…

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Do I understand correctly that at the moment only Nvidia GPU’s are supported, or can one mine with 1080 Ti’s by another manufacturer?

All CUDA cards with >= 7GB are supported now, and OpenCL is being worked on.

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Voskcoin’s trio is a relatively inexpensive and easy way to get started. 2x 1080ti’s and a 1070 or 1080 riserless. Can be expanded to risers later.

This video is a little old now, usb drive with smOS or HiveOS probably better choices.

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Great, thanks for the info @greerso @tromp :slightly_smiling_face:. Once I settle on a rig, I’ll document my build here on the forum.

At the moment on

  • EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti…$1,290
  • EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti… $1,349

Has the price of 1080ti’s spiked recently? Many sources say, all things considered, the 1080ti is the way to go; but it seems that perhaps they were referring to a time when the price was much less? At these price points, the 2080ti seems like the better buy given that it does ~7.8GPS on the test net vs the 1080ti’s ~4.2GPS.

Is that a reasonable assumption?

I got a 1080 Ti last month for $700. Newegg is jerking you around.

How is an RX Vega likely to perform? Any estimates?

Was that new or used? And where may I ask did you get it?

We don’t support OpenGL cards yet, so atm we have no data on their performance

How is nVidia 1070 and 1070ti performance?

I have data on Vegas from cuckoo trimmer, but it is not final. Basically, AMD does very poorly at max power and ok-ish when heavily undervolted and underclocked. It is not clear if this is algorithmic limitation or hardware limitation. Only time will tell.

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Here you can find the stats contributed for specific GPUs mining on the testnet. Below are the cards you mention.

GPU Model # of GPUs Proof of work Network Miner used Graphs per Second (GPS) Power consumption (W) Method used to measure power consumption
GTX 1070ti 4 Cuckatoo29 T4 11.5
GTX 1070ti 1 Cuckaroo29 T4 grin-miner 0.4.0 2.7 180
GTX 1070 1 Cuckatoo30 T4 grin-miner 0.4.2 1.34
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There is no reason why the GTX 1080ti wouldn’t work then as well right?

What is the best GPS you got from a Vega?

Slower (20%) compared to GTX1070. The strange thing was that it did not scale with input power. Hard to say, AMD OpenCL profile tools are terrible, kept crashing on two of my PCs. I’ll keep working on it after launch if it won’t get crushed by other miners speed-wise on day1.

Some really interesting empirical results here

with corresponding power consumption numbers

RTX 2080: 225 watts
RTX 2070: 175 watts
1080 Ti: 220 watts
1070 Ti: 150 watts
Still on factory settings

Pasted from grin-pool gittr

2070 is looking very good credit to @mably


Were you running open CL on linux? Vega’s driver support is poor on linux. Eg for Cryptonight you might expect 1kh/s, where on a windows machine you would get 1.9kh/s. So it could be a driver issue.

Why is the 1070 performance so poor relative to a 1070ti? You wouldn’t see that on any other Algo. Is it due to GDRR5 vs GDRR5X ? Has anyone else tested a 1070?