GPU mining rig OS (smOS, HiveOS, nvOC, ...?)

This is my first rig, sorry if this is silly.
I will use all the main parts like in this video but one Zotac GTX 1080 ti Mini instead.

It seems like neither smOS nor HiveOS support Grin mining so far. So am I going with nvOC or do i set up a bootable Ubuntu USB?


There is a fork of nvOC called CHOSN that may be worth a look or you could just use Ubuntu.

I have a script that switches out miners on smOS if you did want to give that a try. I haven’t tried it with the Grin miner yet, but will aim to get it working if it doesn’t already before launch day.

I’m not smOS biggest fan, but its web interface is the easiest way to manage a rig.

Great, right what I need.
I will try to set up CHOSN, since the primary goal is to wrap my head around it and the documentation seems decent. If I struggle, I may come back to the latter option.

So far I could not manage to manually add a miner to CHOSN. Could I pls try your script on smOS?

Sure thing. It can be found here

It is a very simple script where you give it the name of one of the existing miners in smOS that you do not need and the url of a prebuilt linux binary packaged as a tar.gz or tgz and it will replace the existing miner with the new miner. will not update, so when you are configuring the new miner remember that it is represented as the old miner in the webui.

Other potential issues are if the team packaged the new miner in a folder inside the zip file you may need to log into your rig with ssh and move the files into place manually.

Well, I could mange replacing the miner, but I still had problems connecting to the pools.Pretty nice script! Most likely I just set the options wrong. Anyhow, thanks a lot for your help!
While I took a course in linux programming somebody managed to write them an email.