MinerMonitoring OS for mining GRIN with AMD/Nvidia

Hello fellow GRIN miners and new comers, i have setup a quick easy guide how to mine GRIN using latest MM OS

Checkout guide here: https://ethmonitoring.com/guide#how-to-mine-grin-minermonitoring-os

I tried the thumbdrive, not booting… Your Linux OS not booting. Only has one file, config.ini.


Correct, you need to edit that file and boot up in rig. Choose correct boot disk.

I did that, the problem is my laptop and my rig won’t boot off that thumbdrive. Image issue?
I was able to boot off of Minerbabe’s thumbdrive os cause its using W95 Boot. been searching on Asus B250 Mining Expert and UEFI issues. No dice.

this TT-miner 2.17 is for Nvidia or AMD ?

Nvidia only: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5025783.0

Hey, Try booting without UEFI, haven’t got any issues with that before.

I’ll try to do that this weekend. Asus Secure Boot and CSM stuff to tinker with…