Hashr8 OS is so nice!

Hi All,

I finally got a proper mining rig up and running and chose to use Hashr8 OS. It is incredibly easy to setup and so much nicer than running on Windows.

Check it out: os.Hashr8.com

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I have also noticed a 15% improvement in GRIN hashrates compared to Windows 10.

Best of all, it is completely free for up to 3 mining rigs. From the fourth onwards you pay only USD $2.00 per month.

First of all, Win10 is totally shitty and you should not ever consider it as mining OS.
Second, is your Hashr8 OS better than Hive?

I use both HiveOS and Hashr8. They both have their pros and cons. Though I really prefer Hashr8 for the visual element and simplicity. HiveOS allows CPU mining though, so that’s cool. They essentially do all the same things for the most part, just in a slightly different way and with different interfaces. The Hashr8 interface is much more intuitive and a single bit of specific functionality can be found in various locations, whereas HiveOS has a somewhat rigid, linear UI.