smOS for cuckoo?

I typically use simple mining OS for GPU rigs. I don’t see a miner available for cuckoo on their website yet. Any Suggestions for a miner that they could add to their website?

I sent a request to to add the following miners:

the response received from simple mining was:

“Right now we do not plan to add this grin miner” & “​More people need to want any miner to add it in system”

Please email and request these or any other cuckoo miners.

Hi elokk.
I also use smOS and also want to mine grin. I have sent them a email as well. Hope to get a quick response. Thanks

What’s your plan if smOS does not add grin-miner on time? Greetings

These hypotetical questions make me sick. What will hapen if won’t happen exactly what you wanted to happen? Just shoot him an email and wait for the outcome. I’m doing the same…

Dude, don’t you know the rules?please talk on a normal way. Just asking what other kind of options there are?

Aaaand it’s done :smile:

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Great right? Just send them a email and they respond. Great that you also have sent a mail.

C´mon, after I tried for hours getting the script to work and ended up setting up UBUNTU from scratch.
Nice live hack, Thanks!

TBH, I never mined on smOS before. What I need to set up there in order to start mining?

Me neither. AFAIK pretty much plug´n´play, but I think it is only a paid service. Additionally one could raise privacy concerns.

flash a USB 3.0, HDD,or SSD with the image from

It is fairly simple to do and yes a paid service at $2 a month per rig. Well worth it for the less tech savory. The website also allows you to change the miner program, reboot, etc remotely.

Thanks to every one that emailed smOS admin to get this miner added

Grin miner v0.5.2 on simpleminingOS is returning 0 gps on my 1080ti cards. Console showing “mining cuck(at)oo” I am guessing no results because it should be cuckaroo29?

a 1080ti can handle either. also i think the console message shows that regardless of what you’re actually mining.

It works for me. v0.5.2 with a 1080ti.

Maybe try an bios update?

It´d be nice to switch, but I think smOS does not give you the option atm.
I guess you could go in via their console and force it to switch to 31.

I flashed the latest image from and it fixed my problem

5x 1080ti doing 21.8 gps

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Excellent result. What is the miner? Please tell me the settings (Core, Memory, PL)