Mining chit-chat

Hello fellow miners. I started on a new mid-size mining operation in NA recently and am mining Grin. I find the project quite interesting. As I’m new around here, I thought I’d ask some questions to the community, to see what everyone’s doing.

  • What are the top 3 tools you couldn’t do without? Anything from hardware to software works. (Mine are Dewalt gyroscopic screwdrivers, the Unix command line and a good pair of earmuffs.)
  • AMD or Nvidia? I’ve got a mix.
  • Open air shelves or frames? I’ve got a datacenter ops background so I like frames and racks.
  • What’s your mining software? I run Linux and tried bminer on grinmint.
  • Where do you guys get your news and optimization tips from? Where does the community “hang out”? I haven’t found a comfy spot yet.

Appreciate any advice. Looking forward to learning more!


AMD or NVIDIA? - NVIDIA (specifically 2080ti) or AMD RADEON VII with future 16GB solver!

Open air, but with directed air flow! (Cheaper)
Frames (More Efficient)

C29 - Bminer 15.5.0
C31 - lolMiner 0.8.1, KBMiner 1.2

Where? lol…Everywhere! (Here)