Mining Hardware comparision

I try to compare the efficiency off available Mining Hardware for grin mining (Cuckatoo32). My GPU data is from Based on that data AMD 6800 seems to have huge advantage to other GPUs. Has someone tried some AMD 6000 series GPU to mine grin and can confirm, or correct?

(Name: Power | Hashrate | 1/Efficiency)
G1 Mini: 100W 1.5g/s 67J/g
NVidia 3090: 290W 1g/s 290J/g
AMD 6800: 150W 0.9g/s 166.7 J/g
NVidia 3080: 250W 0.8g/s 312J/g
AMD VII: 200W 0.7g/s 286J/g
Nvidia 3070: 180W 0.5g/s 360J/g
NVidia 1070ti: 130W 0.26g/s 500J/g


This needs to be adjusted down to account for the ~5% rejection rate.

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