AMD RX 6xxx Mining

Grin profitability on the RX 6800 via has been better than any coin since the Ethereum merge 3 weeks ago. $0.00 after electricity lol but still. I’m a fan/holder/miner of the BEAM coin, never really looked much into GRIN I just knew it was similar and privacy focused.

I’m curious about the RX 6600, 6700xt, etc. Whattomine doesn’t show any clocks or hashrate for those cards. Is there something special about the RX 6800 that makes it so good at GRIN? Maybe the 16GB VRAM?

Normally on other mineable coins the efficiency gets slightly better with the smaller cards, unless GRIN is special with its multi-algorithm that makes 8GB-12GB cards not as efficient? The Nvidia RTX 3000 series cards all show GRIN hash rates regardless of power and total vram, they are all just much more inefficient than the RX 6800. I have a bunch of 6600s,600xts,6700xts is why I’m asking. I know they won’t match the 6800 hashrate, but I’m hoping they will be as efficient or slightly more efficient ($0.00+ after electricity).

Final question - Would undervolting and overclocking these cards be similar to BEAM clocks? I can’t find any overclocks for GRIN online. I’m sure the 6800 can run the same hashrate as says but at a lower wattage (bonus).

Indeed, high memory is why your cards perform so well, more cores does not help much, you need at least 8 GB to efficiently mine C32. Probably having 16 GB boosts the efficiency even more.

I can only share my old RTX 2080Ti settings, undervolting and higher memory clock worked best for me. Again, it is all about the memory. You can read other settings in the blog below to get a feeling.