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What is everyone using for their rigs?

My current setup for mining GRIN:

12x Nvidia P106 GPU
H110 BTC+ Pro Motherboard
Intel C3930
1600W PSU

Power draw is around 1300W at the wall.

I am running Bminer on Linux mining on TheGrinPool.com


This row is about 1000 GPUs drawing 250kW. I sleep on the floor :slight_smile:


Actually that’s an old photo, but I worked so hard on it, I just couldn’t pass up the chance to brag. Sorry to kill a thread that could see some cool home setups.

It’s not a ==> size contest! Sorry I posted that!

Home users have different challenges, like what do you do about fan noise? Does anyone have a special electricity deal like their landlord pays? That’s one way home miners can still profit on any coin!


6 x GTX 1080Ti
1 x AMD Vega 64
(weird mixed rig devoted to Grin)
Z270 SLI plus mobo
192GB (64x2 32x2) SDRAM
1 x HXi Corsair 1000W, 3 EVGA850 PSUs

Since you all know what a rig and crate look like, I took more of a closeup of the parts

This was running since since February when I first got into Grin. I joined this forum in March. Have recently doubled or tripled my grin involvement, but this is my little grin genesis rig. I wish I had been doing more mining with grin!

I use Bminer on Linux f2pool and grinmint, Grin31.

(Bminer can’t use the vega. I was using kbminer, but grin31 with the nvidias only on bminer actually yields more and is rock solid, so the vega isn’t doing anything now - I play games on it. Assasin’s Creed Odyssey and Devil May Cry 5)


How the mining speed and the ROI? may you share? I have some EVGA 1080ti

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1.3 G per card
right now $1.50 or ~3/4Grin per card per day with the above - not counting power costs

More importantly though - Grin. You could easily have thousands of Grin when Binance or Gemini picks up Grin. Some people say Gemini is very likely to list Grin…


Wow!! That is awesome, outside of the home rigs we have a few facilities similar to your setup, our setup is a little less fancy, without the frames haha. Very very awesome. Any issues with air flow?

Nice! Yeah… the Vega is not too good for GRIN and draws waaaay too much power imo.

The 1080ti must be killing it on C31!

Your 1080ti would be really good for Ethash, Ravencoin or GRIN. ROI would need to be calculated on your end… how much you got the parts for, electricity costs etc etc.

Of course! Unless it’s below freezing with a tornado in the building you could always use more cooling :santa:

It was just a few days before Zcash Genesis, and our frame supplier had only shipped HALF the frames we purchased. We had all this mining hardware we couldn’t assemble. Panic time? No, we found a local carpenter and showed him what we needed. He called in “the gang,” local temporary workers, and about 24 hours later we had our frames. They were better than the commercial rig frames we bought, and we could move on to the next daily crisis…

Lol Grin is just for fun. I’m using spare parts for fun because I thought Grin was interesting. The razor thin profit margins on GPU or ASICS pale in comparison to the ease, simplicity and ROI of any middle-class or upper-middle-class job in America. Raven would yield $0.10 more a day per card than Grin or a whopping $40 at the end of the year, less than 2 minimum-wage hours working at McDonalds.

I’m pretty sure POW is a museum piece, an answer to your children asking, “Daddy, how did the FinTech revolution of the 2000s start?” You’ll answer with Bitcoin, Ethereum and POW. These were obviously prototypes that cannot under any circumstances handle the economies and scales imagined for them. Cosmos/Cardano/EOS or some very high transaction, interoperable, smart-contract ready POS system will be the future reality. I think Cosmos, but one of those.

tl/dr if profit were a thought, I wouldn’t be mining! I just think cryptography and crypto is interesting. I’m pretty sure nobodies like me don’t benefit from societal changes, that’s only for the elite. If we replace fiat with crypto, the elites will still have all the money, and I’ll still be a surf, I’ll just owe the bank crypto instead of fiat. I just like math and programming, I have no delusions of social mobility.

The bitcoin whale that sold 200mil last night sinking us today so they could get the same amount of bitcoins for 15 million lower basis cost is a great example. When you can manipulate the market with 200million in the middle of the night any given day of the week, you and I with $1,000 or even with $500,000 can do literally nothing. Half a million is just 1/2% of 200million. Obviously, that person can make the market be whatever they want, and all the you and me-s put together don’t matter one bit. The same person could easily bribe your national politicians to obliterate your access to crypto if they didn’t see a way to profit. This isn’t really about political or economic change, but merely a watershed in the advance of financial technology. It may have some benefits for the most marginalized, but that possibility is not a priority in anyone’s mind who can genuinely make crypto ‘happen’.

Greasily squeezing out ten cent profits from a graphic card so Jack of Twitter can get a gold lining on his barometric sleep chamber or more ferret-poop coffee seems like a chump’s game to me. Only the Chinese used to serving the emperor like a god could stomach this chump-deal. Seems desperate.

The elites require the house-negro to be convinced of his ‘specialness’ enough to suppress his brothers and sisters. POW mining is the house-negro of crypto, surveying his little plantation fields with pride. I prefer the cyberpunk/anarchic movement from which bitcoin emerged. We don’t really need to support this economy or society - there’s nothing in it for us. I actually think bitcoin was made by the forces of control - to track and control everything. Checking out of the money economy completely is the real revolution, not enriching Jack or Justin.


I hear ya, if only it was 0 degrees year round, that would be the best lol. Wow! thats great. Was the cost of the local manufacturers a huge difference from the other supplier?

As you find a solution for a problem, there always seems to be another problem to deal with… hahah

Maybe I’m a pansy, but I decided to go with a hosting company, but I thought it would be a turn key situation, and of course it’s not. So now I need to set-up a NiceHash account, but do I need a GRIN wallet as well? I only have a hardware wallet but GRIN isn’t on it, as you probably guessed. Can you guys give me a direction to pursue? Thanks

Hey, the only GRIN wallet I would recommend right now is Wallet 713, it does require some command line prompts though so it is really not user friendly.

For my mined GRIN, I’ve kept mine on TheGrinPool, and recently withdrew to a exchange to trade for BTC. But for the cold storage I use 713.

Hey Ormond, My apology. This would be funny if it weren’t tragic. I didn’t bet on having to set up these wallets and mining pools. It’s a bit beyond my computing skills. I thought the hosting company was going to do all that, but it makes sense that I should be the one to do it. Wondering if you could send me a sample text file with the codes for the “Wallet 713”. I have a computer guy coming and he can set up the Windows 10 or Ubunto on my Mac OSX. Any other ideas or helpful information would be appreciated. —Thanks

What kind of hardware are you using?

I plan on getting an innosilicon g32 mini once it comes out. I dont really know much about all this I just saw that this is one of the most efficient miners out there for a low cost and low electricity usage. I just learned about mining. I’m just a kid and dont have anything close to a miner yet. I’m using a like 7 year old laptop and it’s pretty slow. I tried using nicehash and it said I make 3 cents a day. Anybody know anything about the g32 mini? Would all this be worth it?

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why is the font on here so light? I can’t even read it without turning my screen to face the ceiling. Is there a way to change it

fixed it. Went into settings put it on bright mode

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