Request for funding, @mattczt, October 2022 ~

As some of you may be aware, our testnet miner (g1 mini) ran by @hendi has gone down with a broken psu.
I have been running a testnet miner in the meantime. It is a single 1080ti, it is not ideal because the graph rate is too low to produce blocks consistently.
I am proposing that we need a backup miner to run along side hendi’s to keep the testnet running smoothly 24/7
I am willing to take this on if it is deemed worthwhile for the community.

I will buy a g1 mini for the purpose of running it on the testnet, on the condition of future reimbursement of cost. Usdt or grin.
Also i need the cost for electricity reimbursing at a cost of £0.92 a day or £1.15 a day if im running a stratum server. Grin preferred.
For transparency my electricity cost is 32.07p/kwh.

I am also happy if someone trustworthy can do this for a cheaper rate, they are welcome to take over this funding request from me.

I feel that we are at an important phase in testing with pibd and soon coinswap, just throwing this out there.



My respect, Sir, for preference of being reimbursed in GRIN. :handshake:


I wonder if Ipollo would donate one to the community for this. Might be worth reaching out to them


It is worth trying, it is good marketing for them, shows they are invested in Grin as a project at hardly any costs. @mcm-mike do you thibk you can ask them on the VIP channel? If they are not willing we might be able to use one or two Grin Community miners.

I am asking and once I got a feedback I get back to you or nHash / iPollo will get back to you.

Mike, is still functional?
If so, the miner could be ran on there, would it be possible to turn it into a sort of faucet for anyone to access tgrin? Not sure if we have a faucet already…

@hendi could help our here as he did run a testnet miner on how he did it?

Could we also promote this in our GRIN newsletter:

This would help us to get some sponsorship from nHash in regards to a free G1-Mini for our GRIN testnet.


We can add to next issue this month.

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Also i need the cost for electricity reimbursing at a cost of £0.92 a day or £1.15 a day if im running a stratum server. Grin preferred.

You don’t need to spend all graphing power on testnet. We have 2 minis available to mine testnet, so they could each divide graphpower 50-50 between testnet and mainnet, making back some of their electricity use in Grin. If one mini is out of commision, it’s ok to have testnet blocks be a little slower until it can be brought back.

This makes sense if it is possible to split the power between mainnet and testnet. I was under the impression it was one or the other.
I am not familiar with the firmware on the miners.
Do you mean we will have two minis available? I though that we only have one at the moment.

If this is possible, the simplest way to do this would be to donate the grin accumulated to the community fund. Then get paid out for for electricity every month or quarterly.

This topic was discussed in the CC meeting of today (27-09-2022).
In general everyone is fine with the idea of having another miner on testnet, but we will wait and see if Ipollo will push through with donating one. We can write about the donation and link to their current price in Grin Post as compensation.

@Mattczt Do you mind getting energy cost compensated 100% in Grin? It is much easier for the CC to send Grin, which needs one signature, compared to BTC which requires 4 signatures.

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I actually stated grin preferred in the funds request.

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If you can’t get us a free one, i’m willing to buy one and get reimbursement in grin at a later date.

i contacted with @nhash Hiro and he said ‘YES:+1: , he accepts @mcm-mike offer. We gonna mention it on twitter and GrinPost channels.


heck yeah, that’s awesome!

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@mattczt, both Ipollo an NHash have generously donated a G1 mini to be used for mining testnet.
Would you be ok with receiving both, using one to mine mainnet to compensate electricity costs, the other on testnet? If so, we will ask them to ship both of them to you.

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Hi, that’s good news, i’d rather stick to one g1 mini to run on testnet and get subsidised for the cost.
With my electricity rate, i’m not sure that it would cover the costs for what you are suggesting.
How do we arrange shipping?

Would it be possible to even underclock the device? It doesn’t need to be at maximum graphrate right? So that would even further mitigate the electricity cost if possible

What is required for connecting the mini to testnet? If it’s not too technically challenging, I might be able to host it.

Currently have 8 mini’s so one more isn’t really an issue.